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    NIN Concert in BA

    Lee - Great band. Nice one for posting.Where did you get your tix? The Club Ciudad Bsas website ( hasnt been working for sometime - is there another place where you know of where you can buy tix?
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    Happy Birthday America!!

    Don't you mean Happy Birthday North America, Napoleon? Why is it that many North Americans call their country 'America'?
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    Should I Rent or Buy?

    Thanks Ghost, have you got any details to justify your comments? As I cannot see too much evidence of this ... all new apartment blocks in Palermo and Las Canitas that I have looked at are full and being sold out quickly (some before being finished)
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    Renting with Pets.

    The best source is probably CraigsList: You´ll be able to find a good deal there. It also cuts out the need to pay for Letting agent fees etc. Ads usually say whether pets are allowed or not. If they dont, just ask the Landlord.
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    Should I Rent or Buy?

    Trying to decide whether to rent or buy an apartment for the next 2 years. However, has the market reached a precipice? Saying that, there appears to be a huge amount of construction going on, lots of investment in construction, hotels etc., which is showing no signs of slowing. Can anyone...
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    Being african-american in BA

    Hello - an African-English friend of mine who came to visit me here in BA for two weeks. He mentioned that despite there being very few black people about in BA, he had no problems at all with any type ´hostility´. He also mentioned that he would visit BA again as he really enjoyed BA. If...
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    Tech Help Badly needed!!! Eng versions of Windows XP & MS Office?

    I NEED HELP!!! My Lapop is broken. The people that fixed it wiped away everything (I took a recent backup), but also removed All my MS Office Apps. To add to the issues, they installed Windows XP in Spanish (which only takes up a quarter of the screen size for some reason). I would be...
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    Emigrating: London to BA - Econ forecasts & positive stories?

    Thanks Wolf. I have actually been living in Buenos Aires for the past 3 months (I wonder if I can access those reports online?), I feel I need some more time to assess the risks a bit more, before making this massive decision. My wife is a much more keen to make the move.
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    Emigrating: London to BA - Econ forecasts & positive stories?

    Hi - Id really welcome some advise here. My wife and are are looking to emigrate from the UK to set up a business here in BA. Fed up of the UK, the weather, the moaning, the political situation, stealth taxes etc. Does anyone have any decent links on economic (inc inflation) forecasts...