Tech Help Badly needed!!! Eng versions of Windows XP & MS Office?


My Lapop is broken. The people that fixed it wiped away everything (I took a recent backup), but also removed All my MS Office Apps. To add to the issues, they installed Windows XP in Spanish (which only takes up a quarter of the screen size for some reason).
I would be massively grateful to anyone who can help or point me in the right direction.


Hello Bond0023
I have an English version of XP, it is an upgrade version which should work just fine to replace your Spanish version. The difference between the upgrade and the full version being that to be able to install the upgrade version you must have a previously installed copy of a windows operating system on your machine.
I'll be glad to lend it to you, I am in Barrio Norte.
Also, if you still have problems with your screen after installing the English version of Windows, you probably don't have the right device drivers for your laptop. Generally, your laptop manufacturer will have a website where you can get them for free. Ken


If your notebook is fairly new, it should have the OS built into the unit itself. (it´s hidden, you can´t see it but it´s there ready to reinstall, like factory new!)
Then you say you have a recent back-up so you should have all your latest docs and apps there. Those can be placed on top of the rest, so you would virtually be back to normal again.
I can do it for you for between 80 and 120 pesos, depending on time. Send me a line at