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    Buying Health Insurance Online

    For about U$90 month you can get a basic Swiss medical plan and be covered. Just pay it all year. Also amex covers you if 100+ miles from home, check your card, might be an option for a backup.
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    Quality/Speed of internet

    Speed used to be a big concern 10 years ago. A few years back fibertel seemed to up the speeds and no issues since.
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    When I re-enter Argentina with my new iPhone, will the aduana charge me

    I learned my lesson. After airline hit me w fee plus tax, I paid about the same just buying here. Maybe got a newer model but wasn't worth it.
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    When I re-enter Argentina with my new iPhone, will the aduana charge me

    Apparently some have had store create a fake, lower invoice, often in Miami where they might understand this craziness. Just what a few people told me.
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    When I re-enter Argentina with my new iPhone, will the aduana charge me

    I got caught bringing in a new bicycle a few years back. I was surprised the Aduana agent quickly pulled up a page with the sales price, about equal to what I had paid. He responded to my pleas of not having pesos or local account by pulling out a remote posnet, said they accepted amex...
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    Inverter Air conditioners with heating and cooling

    When it comes to inverter air conditioner vs conventional, main difference is inverter ACs allow continuous regulation of temperature (compressor motor speed is controlled). ... As a result, inverter ACs are said to be more energy-efficient. These can have a 30-50% better efficiency than...
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    DHL for US passport

    Went today. They confirmed you have to go in person.
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    DHL for US passport

    Before visiting the US embassy for a passport renewal, one has to visit the nearby DHL on Cabildo to pay for the return shipping and get shipping label. Has anyone had luck completing this online? I'd like to save a trip there.
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    I think we'll see a choripan like vaccines for votes soon
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    Luxury cars in Buenos Aires

    Those are right. About 2x US
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    Luxury cars in Buenos Aires

    Look on for prices for used luxury cars. They are just silly if you're coming from US. The wealthy here can and do afford them. Guess when you sell, the price is still high, so it's not so crazy? No one has mentioned very wealthy are often connected to govt directly or thru...
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    How can I locate a friend who seems to have disappeared?

    Check for a Poland expats forum What city?
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    Importing a TV from USA to Argentina

    Just received email with 75" tv on sale...
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    Best way to transfer USD/EUR for house/land purchase?

    Ask if seller has account outside of Arg and is interested in transfer to that
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    Ferroclub Argentino reopening: an excellent outing

    Thanks for sharing, sounds worth a visit. Anyone know of a model railway display around?