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    Exercise in BA ...without subtitles

    Hi There Hi I am an Irishman living here 3 years and can promise fluent english(of the Irish kind that is)I do per sonal training outdoors with therabands, body weight exercises, running and boxing pads. I also do massage. If you are interseted in this kind of session send me an email at...
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    personal trainer required

    Hey My name is Branwell and I am Irish so speak English. I am a Personal trainer, sports rehabilitator and masseur. I live in Belgrano. If you dont have a personal trainer yet contact me on my landline 4782 8286 or send me a contact number for you? Hope to hear from you soon. All the best...
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    Looking for Irish living in BA

    I must be one of those that travels in stealth then. I orignally came here almost 3 years ago as a backpacker with the plan of staying a year. Learning the language and emersing in the culture. As such I really avoided mixing with foreigners generally. But then I stayed on and find that I miss...
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    Looking for Irish living in BA

    Hi I am an Irish man living here in Buenos Aires for almost 3 years now. I live in Belgrano. There is not much of us about. I dont actually know 1 Irish person living here. I am looking for contact with anybody currently living as oppossed to spending vaction time here. So if there is anybody...