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    US citizens and Sputnik V Situation

    J&J is literally lobbying at this point to get their vaccine to a 2 dose recommendation. Evidence show J&J is even stronger with 2 doses. The FDA voted against authorizing them for the general public not on...
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    US citizens and Sputnik V Situation

    They are literally talking about adding boosters to increase efficacy. J&J in particular is looking to become a 2 dose regimen. Sputnik has a bunch of uncertainty around will it be valid to travel to the US/Canada and Europe. At the end of the day I want to ensure I can travel and Sputnik...
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    US citizens and Sputnik V Situation

    I have J&J from when I went in June. and 2 doses of Sputnik also, but I'm treating these like pokemon. I'm going to collect em all. My next trip to the US might have me getting J&J again or Moderna. Come back to the US? grab a vax.
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    Starting Citizenship Process for Argentina

    I did apply at Concepcion. i think i need to get some more paper work apostilled sadly, but now i have a tramite. They said it should take about 12 months.
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    how old of a background check can you use?

    I had this experience: I travel a lot for work.. (well used to). The background check they accept needs to be within 60 days and the last time you visited the US. If you got a backgroung check, entered Argentina, then exited Argentina and then entered Argentina again, they'll want a new...
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    What do you reckon the best way of storing currency is?

    Crypto currency. Buy USD Coin and not have to have a mattress full of hundos. Although I just keep my usd In my bank in the USA and WU it to me when I need it.
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    Starting Citizenship Process for Argentina

    Is that right, my wife says she'd call someone who fixes computer that. I'm so confused at how professions are managed. My wife is just stuck on the fact "how can you be X without paying the college you went to something so you can be X". We're supporting ourselves with my wife's professional...
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    Starting Citizenship Process for Argentina

    So I'm a software engineer by profession. However here Ingeniero seems to have a strange meaning and the court is asking for an engineering accreditation. Should I change my profession to say... Programmer or some other meaningless profession in Argentina. In the rest of the world practically...
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    Need US legal documents, POA, notarized

    I recently refinanced my condo in the US. What i did was use an app called notarize to get my limited POA to a friend. From there they were able to sign as me.
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    Requirements for entering the US?

    You can do antigen 3 days before flying. Cheaper, faster, and easier. Source: I flew to Miami in June/July.
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    Is there any use for crypto in Argentina?

    There are some exchanges that allow ARS on-ramps. I mean the truth of the matter, no one wants ARS.
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    Has anyone flown from Ezeiza recently?

    They aren’t letting you in more than 3 hours before your flight. You’ll be waiting in a long ass line. I did this in June/July and was freezing my ass off for 2 hours. I too enjoy allowing for problems
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    Permanent Residency Application Stuck in "Proceso de supervisión"

    It took me well over a year to get PR. Mine got hung up with problems in Buenos Aires. I changed to the office in Entre Rios and had my PR within 3 months after that. Its just super tough to get answers from migraciones in buenos aires. the lines are crazy. much more relaxed when i went to the...
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    Is there any use for crypto in Argentina?

    You can more easily buy and stock up on USD with your ARS without having to have a stack of benjamins in your mattress. Onramp to some exchange with your ARS and turn it into USDC/USDT or BTC and avoid the inflation and risk of hoarding USD in your mattress. Out in the campo, no one really...
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    Starting Citizenship Process for Argentina

    Hmm, maybe we just go with my wife's professional income.