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    Medical recommendations

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be helpful to pool our experience with doctors here in Buenos Aires. In my case I’m looking for an orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee replacement. I’ve interviewed a few but I didn’t feel that they had my best interest in view. So I continue to look. But...
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    Transfering USD to Argentina

    It's a bit difficult at first, but now (for the moment) works smoothly. Worth the effort. Mike
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    Does Dr. Pepper exist in Argentina?

    had it about five years ago and I bought tons of it but never saw it afterwards.
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    Book club meet this Sunday

    last chance for those not on the mailing list--drop me a private message if interested and I'll send you the details and I still have two copies of this weeks story by F. Hernandez, Las hortencias. first come first serve. see you Sunday.
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    real nyc pizza

    Gouchobob said "and the rules can change almost daily." Come on Gouchobob, that's not true, the rules never change so quickly--at most only once every other day. But the real fun is when the rules changes impact prices by large amounts--50 percent or more at a shot. Mike
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    Book club: some copies of Las Hortencias

    I have some copies of the short story (50 pages!) for our next book club meeting if anyone out there is interested. let me know. remember the meeting is Dec 6 at 5pm at Chistophe's place. Mike
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    ExPats to picket on 9 de julio

    Okay you guys, forget tangos and coffee shops and backpacking around the place. In Argentina the new in thing is to picket on the 9 de julio, Callao, the Congress, Plaza de Mayo, where ever. So to get into the spirit of things I propose organizing a organizing committee, to organize our next...
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    I live in Constitution on the street Estados Unidos. Perfectly safe--cheap, great transport (when not on strike) close to San Telmo. But of course it depends on the street and on what you want
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    short stories in Spanish

    If you like recorded books or if you've never tried them before nows the time and in this case in Spanish. I just found this from Clarin, it's free and I love recorded books. You can even download a story from this month's book club author Felisberto Hernández, unfortunately not the one for...
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    Next meeting Spanish book club December 6th

    Hi everyone, the next meeting will be on December 6th at the home of Christophe Cung. If you're interested in joining us please send me an email to The book is by the Uruguayan Felisberto Hernandez and is called "Las Hortensias y otros relatos." We've decided on the...
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    Book club news Clarin Premio to Más Su obra "Más" fue elegida ganadora entre 682 originales. Considerado uno de los autores más singulares de la literatura argentina, se llevará un premio de $ 100 mil. La novela será editada por Clarín/Alfaguara. you just know what the...
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    Sunday Nov 1 book club meet

    hi everyone, Hi everyone, hope you have read some or all of La ciudad y los perros by Mario Vargas Llosa. We're going to meet at a member's apartment on Sunday, Nov 1--that's this coming Sunday. Please let me know who will be attending so I can let our host know. send me an email to...
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    Next Spanish book club meeting Nov 1

    Hi everyone, I received a few comments back and the favorite was the Peruvian writer, Vargas Llosa's La ciudad y los perros It's an excellent if depressing book and was made into a movie. It's his first novel and you should be able to find it cheaply and easily. Allison will search Mercado...
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    Book Club in Spanish start-up

    if you're not on the mail list please send me your email and cell phone number to Next meeting of Spanish Book Club will be Sunday November 1st--starting at 4pm to finish off Los informantes, as many in last Sunday's meeting had not finished. At 5pm we'll have the...
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    Book Club in Spanish start-up

    Everybody: Yes the book club thing is indeed happening, with our first read being Los informantes by Juan Gabriel Vasquez. If you want to come this Sunday let me know, if you can't meet on Sunday but would like to try for some other date, we 'll see what cabn be arranged, although week day...