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    Shocking cost of ER care - update

    Doctors here get paid a lot less than doctors do in the USA, maybe 20k a year. Maybe that is one reason that medical costs are higher in the USA. Also it is not a valid to compare a state funded hospital to a privately run hospital as the state hospital is subsidized by the government.
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    Photography Club

    This is a very good point. The most painful part of having your camera stolen would be having to replace it here at current market prices.
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    So, I'm being sued by the cleaning lady..

    A local told me that many of the kioscos in the city are a result of number of employer/employee settlement cases. The employee takes the money from the settlement and sets up their own little kiosco.
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    So, I'm being sued by the cleaning lady..

    Jez has a good point. We bought our apartment from someone that did not pay their taxes for years. The result was that he had to turn over about 30k to the government in back taxes.
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    American Police Force | Hardin, Montana

    You fell for his trap! He has no point and will use this opportunity to reinforce this point.
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    Beer Enthusiastic in Wine Country

    Are there are Expats that make beer? Does anyone know anyone in the city that makes their own beer for sale? Looking for some variety.
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    So, I'm being sued by the cleaning lady..

    It saddens me that you are going through this as the relationship was mutually beneficial and now you sound screwed. I hope that is not the case. My mother-in-law is a lawyer but mostly does mediations but her English is limited.
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    Why are Argentines so Angry?

    Wow I thought it was just my wife that was the angry Argentine. I will have to ask her if it is the way she is or just the way she is with me. Seriously, they are a passionate people and I dont understand all they are saying. Sometimes, I think my lovely wife was very upset with her mother...
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    Military Veterans in Argentina

    I am just wondering if there are many military veterans in this lovely country? I am a 20 year veteran of the USAF. If you are a veteran of the USA military, have you had problems with getting any of your military benefits here? Anybody, using the GI Bill here? Tricare? DC
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    Americans will be forced to buy health insurance under Obama's plan?

    Hey that nincompoop is my President. Just say "Hope and Change" and you will realize the real nincompoops are the ones that believe and follow him blindly.
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    Americans will be forced to buy health insurance under Obama's plan?

    Check the link. You are referencing the wrong poll, hero.
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    Barrack, Cristina, what's the difference?

    And what about all those that do not question anything that he says? That take what he says as gospel? "No one will get between you and your doctor" BHO Really? No one? Ever? "Yes, that is what he said. NO ONE! "You will never be denied coverage!" BHO Never? Ever?
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    Should Maradonna be sacked - or even walk!

    I don't know that much about the game but I have seen Brazil beat Argentina many times and I think it is because that Brazil plays as a team while Argentina has too many egos to be a team. I think it would be good for Argentina to miss a World Cup in order to get really serious about this sport...
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    Should Maradonna be sacked - or even walk!

    What are you smoking?
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    Barrack, Cristina, what's the difference?

    So an arrogant, ignorant, naive, self centered ass is better than an aging pompous fool (you left out crippled). Slightly better in North Korea? Slightly better in Iran? Slightly better in Afghanistan? Slightly better relations with Russia? Slightly better relations with Israel? Slightly...