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    Is It Possible To Find Love In Argentina?

    How sweet you are!!
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    Cueva Office In Recoleta Open On Saturdays?

    Hi. I am going to BA next month and need to change dollars to pesos. Where is this cueva? Is it safe to show up if they don't know you personally? Let me know. Thanks Clarita
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    One Year Later: 10 Things About Ba That Now Seem Normal

    You guys are too much. I am an Argentine living in New York (back and forth to BA) for those reasons that are listed. Ja Ja Ja. However, I think there is one missing that is very annoying: I never heard an Argentine in a business mode take responsibility for a mistake. Rationalization...
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    Storage of Personal Items

    I second elhombresinnombre. Listen, life is full of unexpected events, you are already taking risks. Nobody can guarantee their future. ClaritaD
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    Rental agencies - are they good? Which one to choose?

    I rented from them for two weeks in Palermo Hollywood (top dollar, nice terrace, all the works). I stayed there with a 2 year old and my 10 year old daughter. We came back to the apartment to find it full of ants, in particular the bedroom. It was late and when I called the agent, he told me...
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    Apartment this normal?

    Never pay such an amount of money to any real estate agent there, especially when it gives you nothing. Follow the advise of the member who suggested to get a cel, rent an apartment for two weeks and check out the rentals for argentines who would be happy to get much less and give much more for...
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    apartment needed for two weeks

    Hi i am looking for a 1 bdr. apartment for two people for two weeks. It would be preferable in Barrio Norte, or Palermo. If not, close to a subway. Thanks Clarita D
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    apartment for rent

    Hi my name is Lili and I am an Argentine living in NY. I need to rent an apartment for me and my 9 year old son for a month starting July 29 to August 26. Any recommendations? I am new to this forum. thank you