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    Fear of meeting

    I respect everyone's choices and risk assessment. If someone restocking the shelves was at a big party a few nights before and picked up covid, we'd both be indoors with masks on and covid rarely passes via surfaces. It's important to be smart and vigilant about the threat, but we shouldn't...
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    Fear of meeting

    There is no reason to fear outdoor interaction if you have a bit of common sense. If you put yourself in a position where you're two inches away from someone's face screaming for hours, then no amount of government is going to save you from your fate.
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    Fear of meeting

    There is still that .1% who catch it outdoors and being shoulder to shoulder for 2 hours with a bunch of screaming drunk people seems like that could do it, as does being in close quarters with coworkers all day constructing buildings. I'm assuming most people who get together outside aren't...
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    Fear of meeting

    Catching COVID outdoors is extremely unlikely. .1% or less of COVID cases are believed to be from outdoor transmission. The country that keeps the best statistics, Singapore, found that every outdoor case, happened at construction sites. This means partially enclosed spaces, lots of men working...
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    When I re-enter Argentina via EZE with my new iPhone 12 Pro, ipad, macbook etc, will the aduana charge me fees

    No, however, I have seen canned chilean salmon on occasion
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    Tips for getting settled in BA

    Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but be aware just because you can book flights for October, November, whenever you're planning on arriving doesn't mean that the flight won't get cancelled due COVID restrictions. Then you'll need some type of residency to enter. Of course things can change by...
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina

    Two great groups of people...government officials from Brazil and Argentina and pharmaceutical executives. I wouldn't believe anything out of the mouth of any of them.
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    Argentina’s Senate approves transgender job quota law

    It's only public sector jobs, which don't have the best workers anyway, so even if the quota was 1% golden retrievers in public sector jobs it wouldn't change the performance of the said department. In a perfect world I agree with you Sencillamente Yo. People should be hired according to their...
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    Where to stay in Miami? Miami Beach, Brickell, downtown or???

    I think Senillamente Yo has officially become Fiscal's life coach. Great advice most of the time I must say!
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    What is the situation now?

    Somewhat agree that a successful quarantine would make it worthwhile. There is a huge difference between the US, Japan, European Union, etc printing vs Argentina printing. When your debt is denominated in your own currency you can print like mad without too much damage, but when Argentina or a...
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    What is the situation now?

    Not sure if this is case. If you look at Chile you have over 60% vaccinated, then Paraguay a small population country and it's still 2% or something like that. I don't really know the reason, I'd assume it's a combination of political alliances, government competency, existing healthcare...
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    What is the situation now?

    Good point. Although I'm not a great fan of Alberto, it's Macri who was downplaying it calling it slightly worse than a flu.
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    32% of Argentine households without fixed Internet connection

    What do people think about the potential of Starlink - ?
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    The Guardian: "Time to challenge Argentina’s white European self-image, black history experts say"

    Are there examples where the whole wokeness, white privilege stuff has been taken too far? Yes, especially in academia. There is nothing wrong with being any shade of color from albino to dark black. The whole discussion of race is usually a way for elites not to talk about more important...
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    The Guardian: "Time to challenge Argentina’s white European self-image, black history experts say"

    Not sure about the 1st one, but all the rest sound reasonable to me.