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    Furnished One Bedroom Apartment in Palermo‏

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    Furnished One Bedroom Apartment in Palermo‏

    My one bedroom apartment is available for rent as of the 15th of April in Palermo Soho/Plaza Italia (Darregueyra and Paraguay) I have been living there for about 5 months and moving back to the US - It is furnished with TV, Cable, Microwave, Internet, Telephone, Sheets and Towels (Utilities...
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    Refridgerator for sale

    Hi - My friend is leaving Buenos Aires, and looking to sell her fridge w/ freezer. It's a Zenith about 4.5 feet tall and probably about 4 years old. Shes selling it for only 350 Arg Pesos because shes living this week and needs to get rid of it.Email her at:
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    Expats in Buenos Aires - Speak Spanish?

    Ofcourse I'm speaking generally and this is not to cause offense to anyone.. but rather for discussion.
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    Expats in Buenos Aires - Speak Spanish?

    Why don't expats in Buenos Aires speak spanish or atleastmake more of an effort to learn it?
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    Another one of those emails

    I agree... 20% inflation makes it more expensive every day.... I think it all depends on your lifestyle..... Es cierto si rentas un depto por un ano seria mas economica, pero it depends on whether or not el depto esta amueblado... asi subiria el precio mas.... Pero, estoy de acuerdo con Sergio...
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    Secure an Apartment first?

    Rent a temporary apt for a week or two (rather than stay in a hotel) then search for something more long term- visit the place before you sign on anything.. They will probably require a one year contract (and if you can afford to put 6 months down i would negotiate for the price)... Oh, and many...
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    Looking for a place outside of the Capital

    I'd say anywhere between Olivos and San Isidro.. plus theres the new coastal train that goes to Puerto Madero... a little pricey though..
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    Buenos Aires to Montevideo return

    The cheapest option is through Cacciola which goes from the boat from Tigre to Caramelo and then a bus from Caramelo to Montevideo... its about half the price of buque but obviously a longer journey...
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    Theres a Dominican community here too in Congreso - the only club/restaurant i knew of shut down about 2-3 years ago..
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    Well... be prepared for a culture shock... but other than that, i don't think you will have any issues....
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    Sales job available

    Fishface - Why are you so negative?
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    Dentist & Optomologist

    Suggestions?? Anyone??
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    sour cream, smoked hams, real gruyere, rhubarb

    Hi. - I just wanted to say I use SaltShaker as a reference to find good restaurants in the city.. It's on point with the evaluations.. Thanks.
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    Dentist & Optomologist

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good dentist & optomologist? I've already had a bad experience with a dentist, so i'm kinda skeptical at this point.. Any suggestions!? Thanks!!