Dentist & Optomologist


Jul 15, 2007
Hi, Can anyone recommend a good dentist & optomologist? I've already had a bad experience with a dentist, so i'm kinda skeptical at this point.. Any suggestions!?
Hi drucifir,For the past 2 years my wife & I have been going to Dr. German Albertini . He's done crowns, a root canal, fillings, etc. . We both have had very good experiences with him & his staff & I've recommended him to friends who were also favorably impressed. You can reach him at his clinic 4826-0200, ave. Santa Fe 3040. Tell him Doug & Lisa recommended you.
Regarding an ophthamologist, I can highly recommend Dr. Juan Martín Adrogué. He's an excellent doctor, an excellent surgeon, and an excellent person. He performed cataract surgery on my right eye, and the results were outstanding (after a nightmare surrounding the surgery on my left eye, which led me to seek out Dr. Adrogué).
He is knowledgeable and informative (like many doctors in Buenos Aires, he speaks English), and he explains in detail the condition of your eyes and what your options are (if, of course, your eyes are in need of some sort of treatment). After surgery, he provides you with his personal cell phone number, which I ended up using; the problem, which he was able to diagnose over the phone, was simply a slightly higher degree of inflamation than is normal. Following his instructions, my eye felt better just a couple hours later. This level of after-surgery care was in sharp contrast to my prior experience.
If you do avail yourself of Dr. Adrogué's services, please mention that Tom Friend recommended him to you. His telephone number is: 4116-4945. His web site is The site is in Spanish, but he is currently working on an English version.
Good luck, and I hope this information is of use.