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    Buenos Aires: The PARIS of Latin America!

    The biggest difference for you is: you used to be able to afford to buy a coffee in Buenos Aires. Sterling is becoming worthless and inflation continues its upward trend...
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    Life in USA vs. Argentina

    can either of you list 20 here? and 20 reasons why any Argentine hasn't done it already. ... It might be a help to all the people coming here to teach english that dont find work.
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    thinking of moving to argentina

    syngirl, that post is brilliant. If you will allow me: I believe I am in Stage 6 - 5 years and nearing the 'Heart of Darkness' - actually facing tramites as an enjoyable challenge. where next?
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    Temporary Residence

    first search the forum for answers. particulary posts by stevebsas.
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    US Citizen Married to Argentine and the IRS order for me to get my wifes green card & SSN - do I have to 're-residence' in the US or how do I prove my 'domicile' - if I have not held a property there for some years?
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    retirement salary

    maybe the government wants to stall the market??? (at the purpose of the locals in the market, it is after all their market) A DNI to buy a property would make sense if it is required to sell a property. (In Spain a 'Numero Identificado Extranjero' is required and a prohibition on sale for 3...
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    Football - Scotland vs Argentina

    Jings! is tha fitba tha neet! Predictions? I reckon they are going to have a hard time beating Scotland in Scotland.
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    What's the secret to happiness in Buenos Aires?

    Denmark is not a happy place for those who wish to work hard & make money. They tax people into a wierd kind of socialism and control which some are happy with.
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    The American Decline

    Leyland designed the Mini - which in itself was a very successful build to criteria - almost as successful as the 2CV. MG was was sold to the Chinese - they were after the engine block design - 50 years old and useless in todays market and chunk of brown field in the black country thrown in...
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    Beware of BA computer virus!

    there was an article in Wired recently about a couple of HTML *engineers* (ha!) who were traveling around in an camper van - connecting to free wireless etc to work and pay there way around - a tall story I imagine. However, it seems that it has encouraged a load of young people to follow...
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    living cheaply in BA

    they reckon prices will drop 25% in 2009 good job you're not selling.
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    Nice Places to Eat for Under 20 pesos

    ...a "fried egg" on top of "fried pork fat" - sheesh, I can feel my arteries tightening just by thinking about it.
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    living cheaply in BA

    ...and one of the most wonderous, awesome and valuable things about having a 'documento' is... getting dos por uno at Freddo's on a monday !!
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    Nice Places to Eat for Under 20 pesos

    what is *the* Columbian dish to order? I have never knowingly eaten Columbian food.
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    living cheaply in BA

    good for you! 4.80 to £1 now - ouch! was 6.40 - 6 months ago