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    First Time in Europe

    That allowance sounds about right. Shop around for currency conversion and don't use the places in Heathrow airport. I don't travel in a particularly budget conscious way, however you can get cheap lunches in the convenience shops like Tesco, Sainsburys, CoOp etc across the UK. £3 ish for a...
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    The best vineyards to visit in Argentina

    My favourites (all in Mendoza as I haven't had the chance to go anywhere else) Bodega Lagarde - great selection of food, either a full sit down experience or snacks. All paired with wine. Tierras Altas - a much smaller Bodega that was less than a 10 min walk from our holiday place. Intimate...
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    Do you consider this dishonest?

    Is the impact to your conscience more or less than 2340 pesos? If it's less, keep it. If it's more then tell them. They'll probably think you're a bit weird. I ordered an Air Con unit on Amazon here in the UK years ago. It arrived, my wife didn't like it, asked me to send it back. I initiated...
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    The best vineyards to visit in Argentina

    Pleased to say I have been to two of these
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    Are USD 20 bills accepted at the blue exchange places?

    I've changed $20 (and less) but as others have said it will be at a lower rate. The cuevas we use is well known by the family
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    Current VP and former President of Argentina could face prison time.

    Where's your evidence that Macri is more corrupt than Cristina's mob? Cristina and mob have destroyed Argentina over many years - for evidence you only need to see the strength of where the country should be based upon natural resources and capability vs where it is now. To fix the economy...
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    Digital Nomad Visa

    I've organised all manner of things in Argentina. Yes, I know it will be a massive pain in the arse applying for a digital nomad visa but for various reasons it's good for me to do so.
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    Digital Nomad Visa

    Yes, I've been 17 times
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    Digital Nomad Visa

    Do you have that detailed account please? From the online form it doesn't seem too bad IF the forms do not require translation and to be notarised. No offence to those who keep saying it's not worth it for 3 weeks, I'd prefer to make that decision based on how difficult it is to get it. The...
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    Digital Nomad Visa

    Why isn't it an option? I can't see any links to the application portal or otherwise
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    Digital Nomad Visa

    Hi all, I've seen online that Argentina may have a Digital Nomad Visa. Does anyone know how to apply for it please? My company allows me to work abroad for up to 3 weeks in a year - but I need to prove that I have the right to work in the location I'm visiting. So coming in as a tourist is not...
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    What's The Best Way To Deal With The "trapitos"

    Until I can afford to pay the "King of the Trapitos" to travel around in my car with me and defend my car from your average Palermo trapito, then I park where the trapito tells me and pay him/her some money.
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    Waitstaff In Bsas

    I have found that generally the waitstaff in Buenos Aires are fine, and sometimes very good. I did have my first bad experience in TGI Fridays - yes I know we shouldn't have gone there in the first place but we were tired after shopping etc - the bill took ages to come then despite capturing...
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    Roast Potatoes

    Thanks all. Well, we had roast potatoes on Christmas Eve and they were very much enjoyed by all. I don't think the potatoes were quite the very 'floury' ones you get here, like Maris Piper or similar but they were great. Someone else on this thread asked for tips on how to make them, here is...
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    Country Life In Argentina: What's It Really Like?

    I think I will retire to a place like this!