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    Uber Is Gaining Momentum

    Have been using Uber frequently since it launched here. I have nothing but good things to say. Polite drivers, nice clean cars, prompt service, good prices.
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    Sending A Package From Uk To Buenos Aires Advice?

    Have had various friends and relatives send clothing and small gifts from UK for our baby daughter since last October. NOTHING has arrived :( I wouldn't send anything!
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    Where Can You Buy Humus Here?

    Top tip: Hummus bought in a jar is always bad here. Fresh is always best when is comes to this delicious creamy beige magic.
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    Kellogg 100% Bran Cereal ?

    This is the local option and they're not too bad! :)
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    Netflix - No More Proxy

    Netflix Argentina's content is horrible. I don't know why these moronic companies can't come up with a model that works for everyone. People in Argentina aren't going to wait around for content.
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    Snl On Cablevision

    Sony TV
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    Top 50 Restaurants In Latam

    Tegui is great but way overpriced. It's a shame not many Argentines can afford to eat there. Really surprised at how great the fish was at La Mar Cebichería (not on the list but should be), stunning cocktails too. Tarquino is a great experience. La Cabrera (both locations) are great but haven't...
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    Anyone Used The Service "miami A Tu Casa" ??

    Thanks! I'll try these guys out.
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    Anyone Used The Service "miami A Tu Casa" ?? Thinking of ordering a few items from Amazon via these guys but a little skeptical as can't find any information about them besides their own website, which seems legit. Anyone have experience using them?
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    Anyone Coming From Us In Next Month Or So? Need A Kettle(!)

    Thanks Jantango, but it's the Le Creuset one I'm after specifically. I haven't been able to find the brand here.
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    Anyone Coming From Us In Next Month Or So? Need A Kettle(!)

    Kind of strange request but want to buy a Le Crueset kettle for someone here as a gift. Happy to pay 300 pesos for your trouble if you have the space! Measures approximately 5 by 7-1/2 by 10...
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    Wedding Help!!!!

    Hi there! For make up I can highly recommend www romiamrein com Hope you have a great wedding! :)
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    Native English Teacher (25-30) Needed For Video Interview

    Native English teacher (25-30yrs old) needed for 1 to 2 hours (max) of work to answer a few questions about teaching in Argentina on camera. Pays $500 pesos. Pls contact for more info
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    Money Transfers (Xoom, Azimo) To Require A Cuil

    Hmmm... If you have a DNI, but are working remotely for a company in the US or Europe - can you still obtain the CUIL?