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    How is it possible Argentina only has 2100 covid cases?

    l also have some questions about this pandemic . I was stranded in Peru for 10 days. On Sunday March the 15th the president of Peru announced that from Tuesday March the 17th the whole country goes under complete lock down ( on March the 15 th there were 71 cases of the virus in Peru) yesterday...
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    How is it possible Argentina only has 2100 covid cases?

    Hi Fiscal , when you say “trapped“ in Peru what do you mean? Are you in Lima or somewhere in Peru ?Cuzco,Arequipa ? Are you a tourist or do you live in Peru ? What nationality are you? Have you contacted your embassy , consulate ? I left Peru on the 27th of March on an Austrian airline flight...
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    Which is the best and worst Argentine airline?

    Wish I knew!
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    Which is the best and worst Argentine airline?

    I second the “horrible problems “ with LATAM . On September the 24th 2018 I cancelled a refundable ticket with them. Tomorrow there will be 7 months since the cancellation and I still haven’t received anything. On the contrary I cost me so far more than 50 € on international calling fees (...
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    Coffee Chat, Tues. Dec 18, 5:30-6:30pm at ALTO PALERMO

    I’ll be there as well
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    This week's Coffee Chat, WEDNESDAY, Dec 12 at Alto Palermo

    I am in. See you on Wednesday.
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    “Número de dirección”

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know where I can have something like this custom made to my home address? Thank you.
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    Coffee Chat, Tues. Dec 4, 5:30-6:30pm at ALTO PALERMO

    I am in town,so count me in as well.
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    Old US $ notes?

    Hi all I went to the bank here in Greece to get 100 US $ notes for my upcoming trip to BsAS and within the notes I got there were some old US $ ( in perfect condition). My question is if they are accepted in Argentina? Thank you.
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    Bring cash or use ATM...update?

    Even in “Cuevas” on Calle Florida?
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    Bring cash or use ATM...update?

    Whaat about € bills? And what about the bigger bills of 200€ or even 500€ bills? They are easier to carry and hide.
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    Overpriced Tickets to Rio, Any Solutions?

    A one way direct flight to Rio (starting at € 400) is ridiculously expensive. The more affordable options you are given if you use one of the search engines as kayak (starting at €350)are usualy with a one stop flight either via Santiago de Chile or Sao Paolo ( even via Panama City with COPA)...
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    Theoretical, Hypothetical Sauna Question

    "Home" hotel on Honduras between Caranza and Ravigniani in Palermo Hollywood has a small sauna for the guest of the hotel. Maybe with an extra fee it is available for non hotel guests. The big hotel chains in down town and recoleta area also have saunas, Although I have never been there I am...
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    Bad News For Money Exchange Companies

    With great respects to everyone "Μονοπώλιο " a 100% Greek word composed of the 2 words "Μόνος" = monos which means on your own and "Πωλώ" = polo which means sell (both "o" are written with omega) Just to clear things and not offending anyone.