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    How are people in BA surviving with this lockdown and recession?

    I believe this is like the tide retreating before the tsunami. As stores remain closed, economic activity almost paralyzed and bleeding thousands of irretribable jobs every day, the time will come when we realize that the new normal in the making is very unpleasant. Poverty and crime will own...
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    Do most Argentinians not let their dogs sleep inside?

    I'd say most urban dogs have full access to their homes and, regardless of their size, sleep on if not inside the master bed. Suburban dogs are likely to sleep inside. Country dogs sleep anyehere they can. We pamper our dogs as much as we can afford. They rank high in the close family tree...
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    Chile vs Argentina: Whose military would prevail if it came to war?

    Have no current data but can give you a general idea. Argentina started the Southern Unpleasantness back in 82 without being prepared. The country had been under military rule for almost six years yet the Juntas did not take advantage of the situation to arm and or train the mitary to even...
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    Re: Cablevision/Fibertel....rate reduction for users of their service(s)

    That price is for new accounts, does nor regularly apply for current ones BUT is the argument you normally use to force their hand. The practice of threatening to close the account or switching names of it for the same location is a practice as old as their internet/cable services: 25+ years...
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    Re: Cablevision/Fibertel....rate reduction for users of their service(s)

    Smart girl! Thank you for the tip. Got your router replacement? Haven't returned to the area so I can't tell who is working and who isn't, but I called the guy I recommended and had a couple of hard drives hand delivered as a special favor. His office is in Caballito. Thanks again. Iz
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    Re: Cablevision/Fibertel....rate reduction for users of their service(s)

    Gracielle, please tell me what was the reason you gave them to obtain the price reduction. We are currently paying around $2500/month for a «special promotion» that will end in a couple of months. We've got internet 50MB and the plain vanilla cablevision package for that money. We also have a...
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    Rentals. The most controversial points of the law that the Senate could approve

    You must declare your real estate properties. Assuming you live in one of them, the rest are work related, leisure or rental. Nowadays, they can easily crosscheck utilities and other services at each location, use reconnaisance drones and satellite pics (land, countries), etc and figure out if...
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    6,337 New Covid-19 Infections 7/30, Extended Quarantine..?

    antipodean, you can't be serious comparing these stupid and poor clueless measures to living under real autoritarism. Either you have absolutely no idea how autoritarism feels like or you also need some serious clues. Compared to the 70s this is a rave. With all due respect.
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    no gas, no hot water for 71 yr. old woman in BA, I would like to help..

    I've been without heating and cooking gas three times already in past years. Twice in differnt buildings in Caballito and once in Recoleta. Live and learn. For the bathroom, there are small 5+ liter heaters that hang under the shower pipe and heat the water. Installing and wiring is simple and...
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    For those of you without a full time job, what do you all do in Argentina?

    Emulating work is a consacrated activity in this country. Hours, days, months, lifetimes dedicated entirely to not achieve a single thing. Public administration jobs of any kind will assure you a carreer's salary and a Master's degree at this fine art. Plenty of time wasters available, even...
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    Emergencias Salud health plan

    Have elderly relatives in a hot area -LdZ- and wanted to make sure they would send an ambulance if need be. Once I waited 4 hours for one and only got excuses instead, since they don't consider the area safe enough to risk an ambulance. Emergencias reply was pretty much the same, evasive at...
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    teleworking bill

    The point is «they're on to it.» The non disclosed obvious is they're absolutely clueless but they must and will have a finger in that pie. For the good of the workers, of course. Iz
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    Owner cancelling rental contract

    The only solution is to pay the renters to leave. Currently not the best of times to gamble on a cheap solution or a speedy one. Courts will only make it worse, only lawyers win. Start looking for a (sui generis) temp rental, maybe? Must be a few opportunities out there. Those who left in a...
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    Emergencias Salud health plan

    Couple of years ago I tried asking them a few questions (OSDE became an arm and a leg), their offer seemed too good to be true. It is. What they don´t mention leaves too many holes, and big ones. Once you start asking smart questions it turns out you better run away as fast as you can. Just...
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    US Citizen Interested in moving to Buenos Aries

    Maybe BA is not the right place for spicy food. Up north nobody minds it. Iz