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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

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    Question for Americans:Voting?

    Dear Jánis -- The Global Presidential Primary is a week-long voting period -- kicking off on March 3, Super Tuesday! -- for Democrats Abroad members to participate in our official party-run presidential primary. We’re holding more than 220 events in 45 countries around the world, and we hope...
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    Question for Americans:Voting?

    Warren and Biden didn't do well in the New Hampshire primary. Electable? Young voters 18-35 are for Bernie Sanders, and their votes will determine our next president. My FPCA, which a friend mailed for me in the USA in January, never arrived at the county clerk's office. Fortunately, I wrote...
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    Question for Americans:Voting?

    Thank you for supporting Bernie Abroad! Thank you for helping Bernie get on the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary ballot. Our campaign is laser-focused to win the Global Presidential Primary for Bernie! We will only send a few emails a week for the rest of the campaign -- and maybe...
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    The 2020 schedule is posted for Saturday afternoon concerts at Facultad de Derecho in Recoleta.
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    Question for Americans:Voting?

    Don’t miss your chance to vote in person in Argentina this presidential year! We’re thrilled to announce event details for Democrats Abroad Argentina for the 2020 Global Presidential Primary: When: Saturday, March 7, 2020 Where: American Club of Buenos Aires Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 p.m. Address...
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    Question for Americans:Voting?

    In just a few weeks, Democrats Abroad will kick off our Global Presidential Primary, giving you the chance to help select the Democratic Presidential candidates our delegates will vote for in Milwaukee this summer. Starting February 18th, you'll be able to download your Primary ballot from the...
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    Question for Americans:Voting?

    Those of you planning to vote in the upcoming primary election should have mailed your FPCA to your county clerk by now to receive your ballot by email in advance of your state's primary. Here is a great video answering lots of questions about the voting process.
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    Teatro Colon is usually the first to announce their concerts for the season that begins in March. I found the schedule of free Sunday morning concerts today. This is a year with many performances of Beethoven's music, celebrating the 250th anniversary of his birth. The Argentine...
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    5G is coming to Argentina

    I hadn't noticed the cell towers in my neighborhood until a resident in my building pointed one out to me from the terrace. It's only three blocks away. I spotted another one four blocks away. I was curious if there was a map showing cell towers and coverage in the city. It didn't take long...
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    Australian bushfire cloud reaches Argentina
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    Sending dollars to your argentina bank account - TransferWise vs. normal wire transfer

    I started using Transferwise in May 2019, when XOOM required a residence address in the USA. At first, the TW rates were higher than XOOM. Now it's the reverse. Transferwise sends me a daily rate update. Today's included a money transfer comparison showing the difference between Transferwise...
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    Kale Action Plan - Seeking Co-Conspirators

    My nearby supplier Que comes Cuando comes has an abundance of Kale Crespo. I bought two freshly harvested bunches of kale last Saturday morning -- 8 stems for $30. They are the only supplier I've found in the city with bok choy, also $30 each. I told the Chinese family on my block about it...