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    Account Manager Wanted for US Digital Ad Agency

    Hello! We are ex-Airbnb'ers in San Francisco with a great team in Buenos Aires. Everyone at the company (30+) is working remotely. We're looking for an Account Manager to help us with many large, US-based accounts like DoorDash and Coinbase. Job description below! About Ready Set Ready Set...
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    Buying a RED camera here

    Thanks all for your responses. Are there not companies like B+H Photo in New York that sell $25,000USD+ cameras for professionals? Anyone with any information from this world (you know a Director of Photography there, or are one for example) would be hugely appreciated!
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    Buying a RED camera here

    Hello! We are producing a lot of video ads for clients (safely) but need to buy a camera and stop renting. Rental houses here charge a lot. Any suggestions on where to find professional-level filming equipment? Looking to buy a RED Ranger Helium and Ultraprime lenses. Any pointing in the right...
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    Looking for ad creative rockstar for big mission

    Hello! My name is John Gargiulo and I left marketing at Airbnb last year to found Ready Set ( We are completely focused on producing video ads for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more for large US advertisers. We are looking for someone to be our Creative Director on set in Buenos...