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    hey! what is it that you need specifically?
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    Price of cafes in BA & Europe

    Maybe you have such a high opinion of Argentines because you are hanging with the cream of the crop of porteño society. Let me remind you that the people you meet in the best neighborhoods of Buenos Aires are not in the least bit representative of the average Argentine. The vast majority of...
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    Dating in BA

    I think everyone here is focusing way too much on Argentine men... Of course many of them are jerks... but what about the women? Have you ever thought that maybe the men behave that way because of how the local women are? You people seem to put all the blame on one side. Argentine females are no...
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    How Do Wealthy Expats Live In Argentina

    I never said that violent crime is limited to the rich. What I'm trying to say is the well-off in first world countries are not as affected by crime as the well-off in Argentina, and thus, live more peacefully and without fear.
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    How Do Wealthy Expats Live In Argentina

    There's a lot of violent crime in this country. Anyone that implies otherwise is in total denial. There's murders, rapes, etc on a regular basis so it is no surprise that people here live in permanent fear, especially the well-off Argentines. This is in no way comparable to how the rich live in...
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    American dollar going under????

    stanexpat, You hit the nail on the head... Some people on this site love to cite this extreme left-wing 'intellectuals' as gospel truth yet very few seem to present any REAL facts. It´s not too difficult to single these people out... They are usually the ones who support anything as long as it...
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    George Soros: A Factor In Coup Attempt Against Argentina's President

    Oh sorry... I forgot you were such a die-hard follower of those 'intellectuals'...
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    Drinks in BA

    Nice article. It could be useful to open people's eyes to Argentina, especially for those who believe that its political situation is better than that of the US... I didn't like the comparison between Obama and the Kirchner's, though. I think it doesn't do him any justice...
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    George Soros: A Factor In Coup Attempt Against Argentina's President

    I usually don't buy into conspiracy theories, much less if they come from this sort of people... If what they say were true, then the Argentine left would have been the first to denounce it. Well, they haven't... As a matter of fact, since the beginning of this conflict they have opposed CK and...
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    Wannabe Expats

    1. "Johny, let me shed some light for you. I am trying to help expats like you to make sound decisions for thier families.I am not advertising my services. My husband and I help expats get thier DNI's and residency . I do not know what your legal status is in Argentina but I suppose you have...
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    Wannabe Expats

    steveinbsas, Great post. One of the most realistic I've read on this site...
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    Wannabe Expats

    Viviana, In case you didn't notice, this woman asked for real advice on moving with her family to Argentina. I'm sure she didn't ask for this kind of jingoistic propaganda... I undertand you are trying to promote your business, but i don't think this is the right place to do it. You do realize...
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    suejud, My goal here is to let people know the truth. I'm just telling it like it is... no more, no less. If you live in denial about Argentina, that's not my problem. The crime and violence are there, whether you want to admit it or not... This is not a matter of personal experience but a...
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    The truth is argentine society is full of crime and violence of all kinds... Kidnappings, murders, domestic violence, sexual assaults, robberies, pickpocketing, school shootings, you name it. You don't even need to buy a newspaper to realize this. You just have to watch how the people behave. I...