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    Long term friends?

    Hey everyone, Im Krissy. 22 years old. From San Diego California, Just graduated from UCSB. Studied spanish here for 2 months loved it and decided to return. I love sports and working out and being outside- im a yoga and maté addict. and continually looking for the best empanadas. I love...
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    Just Graduated and decided to return!

    Hi Everyone! Im Krissy. I just graduated last june from UCSB in California. I studied abroad here in a language school, absolutely loved the city and decided to return. I came down with two job opportunities and both did not work out. ALthough I have saved up some money, I am still looking for a...
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    CV examples and HELP!!!

    Hi everyone! I just graduated and moved back down to this wonderful city for a while. I came with two job opportunities and unfortunately none of them worked out. I have my TEFL certificate and teaching experience to look for teaching positions. I was wondering if there is an advantage in...