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    Yoga Classes in BA?

    Hi, I am a Hatha trained yoga instructor offering private classes to all ages and skill levels. I will cater a lesson to you and will travel to wherever you would like to have the class (your apartment, a park, etc.). Please contact me if interested ( Thanks, Katie
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    Pregnant and looking for yoga

    Hi Petra, I am a yoga instructor from New York, certified in Hatha. I offer private lessons to students of all ages and levels. I live on Libertador not far from Las Heras. If you would be interested in private lessons, please contact me directly and we can talk more
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    Any runners out there?

    I'm interested. I'm 30, very athletic and prefer swimming and biking to running, but since I've been here I've started running as a way to explore the city. About 30 minutes every other day, but I'm not that fast. I'd probably enjoy it more with somebody, especially if it involved eating or...
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    Local porteño - info

    Mariano, I just arrived here in BA (Palermo) from New York last week and would love to meet up at some point. Perhaps later this week, Thursday evening for a coffee or glass of wine?