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    English Books!

    Hey guys, wanting to sell a lot of my old English books so I can invest in some new ones. Have about 12 in total, varying from chick flicks, to non fiction travel adventures. Wanting 15-25 pesos, or 150 pesos for all. my email is get in touch if you are interested. Liz...
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    Hey guys, myself and my partner (Pascal) are definitely up for some all you can eat lunch tomorrow!! Looking forward to meeting some new people! See you then Liz
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    Hey there Jessi! Welcome to BA. I've been living and working here for 4 months now. I'm from the UK and I'm working as an English teacher. I'm here with my boyfriend but I'm really hoping to meet some great girlfriends - as I'm missing mine! Anyway I hope the move is ok and if you want to meet...
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    Sports Groups

    Hi, I'm a relatively newcomer to Bs As and I've been looking for a sports team/club to join. Preferably a woman's team, something like football, volley etc. Any links would be great Thanks Liz