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  1. L - BA guide/travel stories

    I've added some updates in the last month if anyone is interested.
  2. L - BA guide/travel stories

    I've kept a blog slash restaurant/culture/travel review going for the past 3 months. Not sure exactly how much it'll help the really new newcomers, but feel free to check it out!
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    Make sure to book your ticket through the Spanish site of Buquebus (not the English) or your ticket will be about 15% more expensive.
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    Anyone in for Iguazu Dec 11-13?

    Two of us that met through this website are going the 18-23 if you want to push it back a few days?
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    Argentine Men Are All...

    I've found that they either want to take you to come home with them then never see you again or they want to marry you immediately... I like that 'triple-book an Argentine' - makes sense! suerte.
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    New Entry "Reciprocity" Fee for US, Canada, Australian Citizens...

    Is this in pesos or dollars?
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    Wanted: backpack and advice!

    Thanks DSC... I'm still looking for a store that sells good backpacks (for travel -> 65-70L). Anyone know of a camping store with a good selection at decent prices?
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    Wanted: backpack and advice!

    Hey all, So I'm leaving soon to head back to the States and I've decided that due to the lack of a return airplane ticket and my desire to go on an adventure - I'm trying to make it up to California without ever getting on an airplane. Right now, I'm planning on bussing it to Ecuador (traveling...
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    where to play tennis?

    Miles - I would be interested in playing... could we find two more for doubles anyone?
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    Where to get business cards printed

    Staples does have business cards "Las tarjetas personales" - they cost AR$40 for 100 cards. Most photocopia places can also make them and usually are a bit cheaper. Suerte.
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    Anyone interested in playing Tennis?

    I brought my racket and have had trouble finding a place to play... but if you know somewhere, I would be interested in setting up a match! PM me. Chau Lizzy
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    where to play tennis?

    Ive been trying to find some public courts (rent by the hour type places) to play - anyone been playing on know of anything?
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    Hola, I'm 3 weeks old!

    If you're looking into teaching pilates here - I know sometimes a Tai Chi group meets in the Japanese Gardens on Wednesday (when it's free) and instructs. I would throw down a few pesos for a relaxing outdoor pilates lesson!
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    Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

    See you all at Sugar on Friday!
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    Which things should I bring when I move from the US?

    Liz, I just moved here a few weeks ago. Dress here is pretty casual during the day - jeans, a shirt, sweater and jacket in the winter, and city shoes (not a lot of people wear flip flops down here - but you do see it occasionally). Definitely bring a messenger type bag WITH a zipper...