Wanted: backpack and advice!

Lizzy Muzzy

Sep 2, 2009
Hey all,

So I'm leaving soon to head back to the States and I've decided that due to the lack of a return airplane ticket and my desire to go on an adventure - I'm trying to make it up to California without ever getting on an airplane. Right now, I'm planning on bussing it to Ecuador (traveling along the way) and finding either someone who needs a crew or a freighter that's heading up that way.

Does anyone know of anyone who has done this before and/or have any advice on this plan?

I also came down in a suitcase and need a 65-70L backpack for the trip home if anyone is getting rid of one or knows where to buy one.

Thank you all!
I've currently got my eye out for carry-on luggage. If I can find a reasonable deal, I will buy one down here. If not, personally I can wait.

How that relates to you is backpacks are often sold in the same places and I've usually seen them in the same stores.

I haven't exactly run all over town looking for a carry-on, but I have noticed them in Abasto Shopping and on Calle Lavalle in the centro.

Of those 2 spots (& I realize there has to be more -- I just don't know them), touristy Lavalle had the better selection and prices.

So you might want to wander along Lavalle or nearby Florida to take a look for yourself..
Thanks DSC... I'm still looking for a store that sells good backpacks (for travel -> 65-70L). Anyone know of a camping store with a good selection at decent prices?
It´s not dirt cheap but you could try the outdoor store Montagne Outdoors, it is definitely a lot cheaper than going to a Columbia Sport, Patagonia, etc store here which are outrageously expensive.

Here the link for their stores:

Go to the outlet ones which will have better prices.

Or maybe check on mercado libre also...just a thought!