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    Uruguay Visa Run

    They are not stamping passports anymore. That seems to be part of the issue here-- OP did not get their passport stamped. Well, no one gets their passport stamped anymore. So don't worry about it.
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    How do you (expats) make friends with Portenos other than dating them and being invited into their social circle?

    Tango. I came to BA in 2012, and I was moping around for awhile because I didn't have any friends. I went to some expat events and met people that way. I took some art classes and met some more people. But it wasn't until I started dancing tango that I really started to make friends. (And I...
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    What can I do with my cat for a month (or maybe even six months)?

    I have two cats with me here in Buenos Aires. I have to return to Canada for at least a month to deal with a family emergency, but I anticipate being gone for as long as six months. The airline will only allow me to fly back with one cat. I am hoping to leave the other cat here in Buenos Aires...
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    Western Union money transfer

    The promo code doesn't work on the Canadian site. I always pay a $25 CAD fee.
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    Apple Repair? (and DON'T say MacStation)

    I second the referral. I thought my computer was a goner, but Daniel magically brought it back to life!
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    Having a surprisingly hard time selling an iPhone in CABA

    I just saw a post on FB's BA Expat Hub. Someone is looking for an Iphone and wants to buy it today! His must have been stolen.
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    How much to send a letter with FedEx/DHL from BA to Canada or US?

    My letter arrived in Edmonton, Alberta today. I sent it from here (BA) on Monday, it was delivered by Friday.
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    How much to send a letter with FedEx/DHL from BA to Canada or US?

    Hi everyone. I went to DHL on Begrano, and the package cost 5800 pesos (approx. $30 USD).
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    How much to send a letter with FedEx/DHL from BA to Canada or US?

    Has anyone sent a letter recently to Canada (or the US) with DHL or FedEx? The quote on the DHL website was $70 USD, whereas the quote from FedEx was 14,000 pesos. Just wondering about other people's experiences. Thanks!
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    Dental Implants

    I asked my dentist about an implant-- he said it would $700 USD. This was about two weeks ago.
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    How To Move From One Barrio To The Next??

    Hola... I have been living in the same apartment for the last two years and seem to have amassed quite a bit of stuff. I am moving from San Telmo to Congreso. It is not far. I have approximately four or five large suitcases, a guitar, a cat and some heavy artwork (mosaics). I live on the...
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    November 2016 In Bahia Blanca

    This thread kills me! Seriously, LOL. Thank you everyone!! You have made my morning =)
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    Customs At Eze Getting Tough

    I have found them to be more strict also. In December, they confiscated a bag of dried black beans... In May, they confiscated four blocks of Canadian cheddar cheese. I didn't realize that either were verboten.
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    Warning About Tango Teacher "tango Piola"

    It is true... Tango Piola is a predator. His students are tourist women and are usually beginner tango dancers. They find him on Tripadvisor and are attracted by the absurdly low price he charges. I had a class with him in 2012 (2013?) and I can see that he hasn't changed his ways.
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    How Make A Bank Deposit

    Hola! I have enrolled for a mosaic course and have been asked to deposit a small sum into an HSBC bank account in order to secure my spot in the class. How do I do this? I don't have an Argie bank account. Do I have to go directly to an HSBC? Or can I go to a Rapipago or something...