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    Claro cell phone account payment

    Register with Claro at (they will send you a 4 digit pin by SMS to enter the client area). There is an option to pay by debit/credit card (not sure whether they accept international cards, though). I think prepaid balance does not expire for like 6 month. There...
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    Who is Stayin Alive?
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    110 Voltage help

    Instead of having one transformer outside you prefer to have many transformers embedded into each device?
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    Paying bills?

    Banks that issue Banelco debit card use as a bill payment system. After you pay your bill the very first time, pagomiscuentas keeps your account info/customer id with this company and does "bill presentment" after that. Your subsequent charges appear on pagomiscuentas site...
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    Phone In U.s.

    Search for "preloaded SIM" on ebay and amazon. Search for "preloaded SIM" on ebay and amazon.
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    Phone In U.s.

    You had a better luck then. Or Google has improved recently.
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    Becoming a naturalised citizen and DNI number

    A friend of mine went through this process. He got a new DNI number, not starting with "9", had to apply for a new CUIL/CUIT. And to update these ids everywhere.
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    Will the Border be closed for the rest of the year?

    Fedex and DHL are quite reliable. European Amazon stores ship (or used to ship?) to Argentina. There is also a Walmart here:
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    For Coronavirus junkies

    Interestingly, this study was sponsored by Jetblue's founder.
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    New rapid diagnostic test developed by ARG scientists They developed a testing kit based on a 20 years old technology . By the way, what happened with another First Argentine kit that was all over the news a month ago?
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    Will the Border be closed for the rest of the year?

    China, when they had high infection rates, prohibited flights from Iran. They were afraid to introduce a different coronavirus strain. Iran had lower infection rate at that time.
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    Using my US debit card in Argentina.

    Many people have done that
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    Using my US debit card in Argentina.

    WU = Western Union
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    Antibody test?

    With all this hype that is going on around testing now, this is very disappointing. India got burned on using testing kits from the same Chinese company and decided not to use them at all...
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    For Coronavirus junkies

    Why do you call it a success at this point?