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    Anyone recommend a Castellano teacher who speaks (very) fluent English?

    since it's going to be online:
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    Wearing masks is mandatory in public spaces starting Apr 15

    No any covering will do , a scarve or an old piece of underwear (preferably washed), as long as it covers you nose mouth and chin. No reason for an official mask of any kind. In fact, a good cloth mask amede at your house, doubled over, is better than the crap they sell in hardware stores or...
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    OverStaying in argentina due to COVID-19

    I do not believe this applies to tourist visas. See my previous posts. Here is the actual decree:
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    OverStaying in argentina due to COVID-19

    a buttinski here, but, as I read the decree, it only applies to various types of expiring residency documents and delayed applications related to them, and NOT to 90-day tourist visas. C. However, since the Migraciones offices have been closed since March 16, except for the border or airport...
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    Argentine Health Care 101

    Excellent primer! Great job! And it jives with my experience and what I have heard being in Argentina for 13 years.
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    Wearing masks is mandatory in public spaces starting Apr 15

    Good. It will somewhat prevent the spread. However, it may also make certain people less careful about social distancing.
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    How is it possible Argentina only has 2100 covid cases?

    They do not have half the cases, they have have the reported cases. Argentna may be slightly behind the curve, but the big reason is the lack of testing and testing ability. Very simple logic and reason, as others have said. Prez Alberto was misusing the statistics...