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    Fish delivery...

    I ordered last night delivery from Osaka Palermo . It was excellent quality but very expensive . The sushi imho is amongst the best in Buenos Aires
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    No commercial flights until September 1st

    There is no country as large as Argentina not allowing internal flights until September 2020 . This will cause many people to lose their businesses and families to be seperated . When I first covered this story I thought how crazy than China locked down a whole province Hubei for 2 months . But...
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    BA Real Estate market to take a dive before the end of the year.

    To be frank I have been worried about him as I wrote him many emails of late and no answer . Steve please reply ?
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    BA Real Estate market to take a dive before the end of the year.

    If you have fiat currency and especially US dollars there is also a chance that this currency collapses in value . Nothing in the world is guaranteed as proven by this pandemic . Saying that i would buy a property that was self sustaining and safe away from major cities is best . There are some...
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    Call for a national protest against the release of prisoners i thought that they wanted to protect human lives ?
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    Baking paper money to destroy virus

    I worked in a hospital for 5 years and as everyone knows they are a hotbed of virus and diseases . Regarding spit particles do you believe those flimsy tapabocas protect you . Everytime you walk the streets of Buenos Aires or catch a train the air particles you breath in are full of germs...
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    Baking paper money to destroy virus

    Virus have been with us for millions of years and there is no need to live in fear . It is better to actually get it on the first wave and build a natural inmunity to this . When you isolate something it causes more damage once you get it contact with it later as proven through human history of...
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    Covid-19 discrimination

    I read this article and was shocked by the proposal of the Jujuy governor to put symbols on the doors of returning residents and coronavirus cases as to warn others . Seems like a scene from a nazi film .
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    Poll: Which will kill more Argentines: the COV-19 Virus or the Quarantine? In Argentina in 2017 there were 29.797 deaths related to pnuemonia and influenza or 80 people a day approximately . What happened to these deaths now in 2020? Many doctors in the USA and Europe are talking out that all deaths...
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    Fish delivery...

    Thanks for this here in Rio Negro seems cheaper per kilo . I just ordered fresh atlantic white salmon for 600 pesos per kilo. Fresh Tuna from the Atlantic also 500 pesos per kilo . This comes fresh twice a week fron San Antonio del Oeste . I notice that there is a big discrepacy in your...
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    Argentinian Classics

    Soda Stereo is considered one of the best rock bands of Latin America . They had a purely Argentinian spirit and their music never gets old . This video has over 130 million views
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    No commercial flights until September 1st This article was critical of this prohibition and states that over 300 thousand jobs could be lost because of this decision .
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    Don Julio is now a butcher

    Im in the south of Patagonia and of late the quality of meat here is low quality The lamb and beef when in season is superb . There is a festival in Cholila Chubut with the best meat I have tried in Argentina hope those days come back soon!
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    Any recommendations for high quality meat delivery?

    Try Don Julio for high quality meat delivery . They have now become a butcher !! The meat there is definetely grass fed and organic . Recommended
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    Don Julio is now a butcher The most famous restaurant in Argentina Don Julio has now become a butcher with delivery options . This has been one of my favourite restaruants in the world...