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    Are Mexican Pesos usable at the blue exchange places?

    I've personally never seen any demand for them, doesn't mean that they're worthless though. I've seen blue rates for USD, EUR, BRL, UYU, GBP, CLP, BOB, CAD, and PYG but not MXN. I would say that it's important to keep in mind that anything that isn't USD will basically take a couple % off...
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    When Money Dies: Argentina’s Inflation

    Part of me wonders if once we hit 100%+ inflation and $1,000 ARS bills are worth less than a dollar people will just unilaterally dollarize like in Venezuela.
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    Are USD 20 bills accepted at the blue exchange places?

    Yes and yes, usually 5% to 10% less (I'll often buy some for a discount if I'm going abroad on vacation)
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    Bringing cash from us…

    The only time I've come close is Brazil, which might be relevant for those of us on here who might do dollar runs while on vacation and the local limits/laws there like I did. I'm not wealthy (compared to most expats/foreigners on here at least) so what was a lot of money for me was also close...
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    Some Rental Questions

    1. ZonaProp is good for BA, but what about the other 2 regions for searching ? Is it better to get an agent ? The other regions you mentioned are tourist areas and almost all listing you'll see are meant to be for daily/weekend rentals (or up to a month) with very few actual long term rentals...
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    Binance launches prepaid Mastercard in Argentina

    AFIP will love this, makes it easier to find Argies working abroad in negro. For expats or people with savings abroad it will be fine as usual.
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    Argentina's inflation makes the NY Times front page

    Doesn't do you any good if inflation is 90%+ though. Two people I have worked with have sent me this article this weekend, saying it's basically what I told them when asking what it was like to live here.
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    Where To Buy A Computer

    I bought my graphics card from Full Hard, no issues. Also ended up sending my PC to myself via a courrier company, minimal charges all considered. I built my computer and if someone needs one built for them I'd be happy to either help (if doing it themselves), or do it for them for a fee. It's...
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    Interesting list of allowed items as carry-on,...E-Cigarettes, weed, vibrators, water bottles???

    You might have a fellow traveler in Gabriela Cerruti for the mile high club, she did enter that contest to win a vibrator on Instagram remember? 😅
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    Sergio Massa

    She didn't even last a month lol Will be interesting to see the market's response tomorrow...
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    Cheap EZE to MIA flights with Aerolineas?

    I generally try to avoid AeroCampora whenever possible, it's like Spirit/RyanAir yet with billions in subsidies. An hour or two of domestic is bad enough, wouldn't want to subjugate myself to anything longer/international with them unless it's $250 to fly to MIA or MAD or something.
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    Western Union money transfer

    Nope, USD abroad to USD account based transfers in Argentina are permitted, provided it is not the result of profits obtained from the payment of goods or services for export, which must be pesified at the BCRA exchange rate within 5 days of payment. There is a fee for it, but you can learn more...
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    Western Union money transfer

    From AFIP or the UFI? AFIP is taxes, and UFI is money laundering. A cautionary tale for very large transfers, probably best to do the bank to bank USD transfer from abroad.
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    Gov't will Introduce "Tourist Dollar"

    Ks Until Today: "The Dollar Blue is a small, unimportant market; it's also illegal, yet unimportant because it's small. $1 USD = $136 pesos." BCRA this week: Only 16% of of the $1.4 Billion USD spent on inbound tourism ever reaches the BCRA in the form of dollars Ks Today: "Hmmm, upon further...
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    Western Union money transfer

    CCL at $353 now. Was anyone here in 89/90?