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    I'm In Ba And I Want To Move Here. Be My Friend!

    The only thing I can see with that link is a general map of the north of Buenos Aires. A lot of times if you click the little gear at the bottom of the page and hit "Share and Embed link" you'll get a better view. Or you could just tell me a neighborhood or intersection to find it myself...
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    I'm In Ba And I Want To Move Here. Be My Friend!

    I spent the day walking all around Palermo. It's beautiful! In fact, it may be slightly too beautiful for me. I don't think it'll be super expensive (by Chicago standards), but it seems maybe ritzier than I'm used to. I'll walk around Recoleta tomorrow and I'll keep those neighborhoods...
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    Coffee Chat Wed, 26 Nov 2014, 4-7Pm (Recoleta)

    AH! I saw this too late. Okay, at least I know you all are here for when I eventually get here permanently. There needs to be a chat Thursday! : )
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    I'm In Ba And I Want To Move Here. Be My Friend!

    Hey, I'm Rebecca. I am in my last few days of a month long trip to Argentina and I am unexpectedly in Buenos Aires for a few days longer (leaving on 28th). Now that I've decided I want to move here (and continue my job in the states, working remotely) I need to figure out where (and how?) I...
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    The Rentista Visa On An Alternative/unique Work Situation

    Hey zabazaba, I'm in the same situation and I'd like to do what you're describing. I'm wondering if you ever did and and how it worked out. Did you do it on a tourist visa? Thanks!