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    Taxi rip offs

    I would appreciate the name of a trusted remiss driver. Thanks for sharing. Please p m me!!
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    Best source for week's events?

    Once you access the www.mybuenosairestravelguide site, or contact them, you will receive emails every 2 or 3 days with all kinds of events, that is another reason I think this site is great. Saves hours of net surfing in Spanish, at least for me. I just looked at ReelDee's site and found a...
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    Best source for week's events?

    I have been here for almost a year, and FINALLY, there is a site that gives you so much to do, in so many venues, that you will be juggeling to try and do it ALL. (I like doing it ALL!) My Buenos Aires Travel Guide, <> DOESN'T TRY AND SELL YOU ANYTHING, just great...
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    need advice

    TO ME,the absolute best hair stylist, cut or color in Buenos Aires is RYAN! A wonderful, whacky Canadian. His cut is superb, and his color is great, only looks articiial if you choose to be a "Copper top", now that is artificial. He can be reached at: cell # 1530 502 076...
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    Dinner Ba Expats Wednesday Aug 12 at 9pm

    Great to have the dinners going again: ;)What time is the dinner at TO?
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    Obamacare: Say goodbye to Grandma and the grandkids!

    Steve, even you could be elected to Congress in the US....fastest way to become a millionaire in America today. Napoleon could just run on his ego..............that would far outsize his ideas. Pericles would never be elected, much too sensible and level headed.
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    Obamacare: Say goodbye to Grandma and the grandkids!

    Let's try and get this discussion back on track, below is the latest HEALTH CARE related email currently circulating on the internet. "Please click the link and demand that all members of Congress and the Senate, and all of their employees get the same kind of medical coverage that they are...
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    ATM Update

    My Schwab account, using Banco Frances/Banelco, 600 pesos, no extra fee, 7/31.
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    Lost in an Abyss of Drugs, and Entangled by Poverty

    So happy that Igor is 'up and Linking", Thanks Pericles and Igor. I cannot comment on the Drug Epidemic here in Argentina, although it certainly appears to be on the increase, with Paco. I would compare it to the Crack epidemic in the US. While reading the article, I clicked on Swine Flu...
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    Securing your bag in restaurants

    In lieu of mountaineering cord, I usually loop my arm,( or leg )thru it..........that way the theif has to run off with me; much more than he bargained for.
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    Romantic Argentina 1932

    I loved "Benito"..........the pigeon painter!
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    expat hangouts?

    Good question! Tea and coffee are fine, but I do miss the convivial atmosphere of J.G. MELONS in NYC............does anything exist like Melons in BA?
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    New ATM fee

    I took 600 pesos out of the Banco Frances ATM yesterday, 7/17 and got 3.81, no additional fees, and yes Schwab pays any additional fees.
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    General WiFi Access Availability?

    I have used SKYPE on my very old computer outside with their WIFI at (I think) Ciella, it is the corner cafe, on the left at Quintana/Junin facing the Cemetary. A great way to chat with friends and /or make business calls to the States. It costs $16.95 US for 3 months,pay w/credit card. You can...
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    Fine Raised for Overstaying Visas

    I flew out of EZE on APRIL 27TH, and was charged a $300 PESO FINE FOR MY EXPIRED VISA. The new fine was put into effect the week before, and they plan to keep it! So, unless you enjoy giving money away, it is best to keep your visa current, at the more reasonable rates. Also, before leaving...