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    They are selling stale bread

    I live in Monserrat and the bakery round corner give away unsold bread there are people standing on line in the evening.
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    They are selling stale bread

    How nice to read about someone that makes bread. I started to make bread because most of it is uneatable and because it is stale but for all the preservatives and drugs they use to make it last longer and to make more bread with less flour. The only bakery that I know works without preservatives...
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    Question about DNI

    You are welcome hope it wont take too long.
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    Who plans to live in Buenos Aires permanently and why?

    As a local my feeling is that we are always starting over and over again and one never knows when this will be over.
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    Question about DNI

    No it doesn't take that long, it should take no more than 15 days or a month at the most. If I were you I would go and ask what happened.
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    I think you were with th wrong people but I can tell you that most people here admire the english culture and are interested in their culture and language.
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    Ba Herald Question

    In my opinion this is a totalitarian government, there are not press conferences, no possibility of asking question, journalists that don`t think like them of course can`t make questions, how would I call this government.....when a government think they have all the answers and are the owner of...
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    Ba Herald Question

    I agree that the good thing is that Macri doesn`t have relationship with this government and I doubt he can be more corrupt than this government has been. We are lucky this government has showed himself the way they are but the bad news is that in the end the state is corrupt so whatever...
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    Ba Herald Question

    The Herald belongs to Cristobal Lopez a friend of this government who has done a fortune due to his bonds with power, hope it helps to understand the change in the newspaper-
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    Cheap Trips To Colonia

    I went to Colonia 2 weeks ago and it was 500 pesos I haven`t heard of anything cheaper than that.
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    Bank Of America And Us Dollars

    Hello I also have Bank of America and a Payonner card and I have to go to Colonia and withdraw money from an atm and if I need for some reason go to the banck to withdraw money e.g. in case I forget the pin I have to go to Montevideo where Banks are allowed to deal with Banks from abroad. You...
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    Can It Be Found?

    One of the best places for chocolates is Fenix their dark chocolate is excellent, they import and manufacture the best chocolate with imported cocoa. I used to buy cocoa for my kids per kilo long ago. They are located near the British Hospital and of course there is a good luck
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    Need A Doctor Or A Clinic

    I know the Italian Hospital is good, not so long ago I phoned for an appointment for my husband (we don´t belong to the Italian Hospital) he had to wait for almost one month I don´t remember how much it was but the doctor was a specialist and the fee was reasonable so if you can´t wait that much...
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    $Cary Prices.......

    I live in Monserrat and Iam a local I buy some few but good things at Dia for example Cream Cheese Dia for 10 pesos and is excellent, partially skimmed milk for 4,67 , crackers at 6 pesos for 300 grs the same brand, and the almendrado is superb for only 26 pesos, fruit is not good and is...
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    Fishing? Discrimination? Want Your Opinion Please...

    I wonder what coud happen if you say you are going to send a letter to Carta de Lectores from La Nacion saying that you have been discriminated without any good reason, by the way you can send the letter by mail and is free. Reina