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    Apartment for Rent

    Could you post how many bedrooms, square meters, expenses if any, etc?
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    Halloween Party

    Hello to everyone, Just wanted to post that tomorrow night we will be hosting a Halloween party in San Telmo @ Bang Bang Bolivar 892. Best costume wins free beer until we close. Come with or without a costume to enjoy good drinks and Mexican/American food...
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    Racism Towards People From The States?

    That's very silly statement considering Hitler was responsible for over 11 Million deaths, and Mussolini, an ally of Hitler, was "only" responsible for a few hundred thousand deaths. How many non-combatants would you lay at the feet of the Bush family?
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    New Family In

    We have a 15/almost 16 year old daughter who wants to meet new people and just arrived in country yesterday... Perhaps we can arrange coffee or something?
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    Looking For A 3 Bed Apartment

    As Jantango pointed out in a private message, I may not have been totally clear... I have checked out all the real estate sites from zonaprop to mercadolibre, and thought I might also post here in case one of the members knew of something in particular. We have a place to stay for as long as...
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    Looking For A 3 Bed Apartment

    Hello all, We will be arriving in BA the end of May and are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment or a 2 bedroom with space for an office. We do have a place to stay for a while if nothing is available right away but would obviously prefer to find our own place as soon as possible. We would also...
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    Start Up Meet Up

    I am super interested in this but just got back to US and won't be back until January. Please keep up the discussion so I can follow along :) Ron
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    Election Night Coverage

    Just an FYI - Casa Bar off Santa Fe and Rodriguez Pena will have election coverage all night long as well. I am thinking of Casa Bar because it is much closer to me. I imagine El Alamo will have coverage as well
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    Looking for beer lovers and homebrewers

    Hello all, This is my first post here but I wanted to say that I am a homebrewer as well, will be arriving in BA on the 1st of Nov, and would be happy to pick up hops/malt/extract if anyone is interested. Just let me know your budget and what you want. Limited space available! Ron