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    Chess anyone?

    Does anyone know of a public place to play chess with others? clubs/organizations? Or if anyone is interested in a one on one game, maybe to meet in a cafe?
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    such a big city can be lonely!

    Sorry I missed the burgers and beer on the roof last night. I am still interested in a get together if anyone has any bright ideas :o
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    such a big city can be lonely!

    Oh my I didn't even think to include details in my message. As you can probably tell, I am new to the whole forum thing... I am a 28 year old female, just in case you wanted to know! Ok, I am done now. :P
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    such a big city can be lonely!

    Hello, I have been living in BsAs for the last 7 months teaching in English. It certainly is difficult to meet other English speakers! Feel free to contact me to meet up- I am hoping to make a friend or two! :)