such a big city can be lonely!


Feb 22, 2009

I have been living in BsAs for the last 7 months teaching in English. It certainly is difficult to meet other English speakers!
Feel free to contact me to meet up- I am hoping to make a friend or two!
Oh my I didn't even think to include details in my message. As you can probably tell, I am new to the whole forum thing...

I am a 28 year old female, just in case you wanted to know!

Ok, I am done now. :p
Good afternoon Robin:),

Big cities! Yes I know what you mean. I've been here for almost 5mths now & I relate to what you say.
The best advice I read was that the best way to meet people here is to join some kind of club or take classes with a group who indulge in like minded activities, tango classes, art, exercise/yoga etc. Being with people who enjoy the same interests as opposed to going to soscial functions or night clubs etc.

Sometimes I think that it's not so much that we are living in a lonely place, maybe we just want more than what we think we are going to get when we try to go out & mingle in the crowds, the fast friendships, the quick acquaintances, the transient-ness. Maybe we get a bit tired of the old routine & as a result we start to isolate without even realising it. I'm not saying this is you, but I know this has been me sometimes.

The answer for me was that I had to expect more, I couldn't just make friends for the sake of not being lonely, no...I had to find people I was genuinely interested in. And this meant believing & knowing that I deserved more, that I was truly worthy of more than just not being lonely.
Right now, somewhere in this big city, there are wonderful individuals who would love to get to know you, but sadly haven't yet.

Maybe It's got to be about fun first!

One thing for sure, you're not alone in how you feel right now. I admire your courage in putting it out there.

Warmest regards

Hey I hear you. I've been here for over three years and it can be pretty rough sometimes. Additionally, I really miss speaking with native english speakers and miss nuances in how we express ourselves. I made a concious decision when I moved here to to emerse myself with natives in order to learn spanish. It's been a great experience but I really miss hanging out with people who relate to things like we do. Let me know if you want to hang out sometime.
Hello Robin,

My name is Andy, I'm 30, English. I've been over here teaching for 9 months and, by the sound of it, having a pretty similar experience to you.

However, recently I've been lucky enough to meet some cool people through this BA expats thing and now we generally meet up every weekend in San Telmo for a few beers and some food.

We're a mixed bunch, but we're very friendly and always keen to meet a new face, so feel free to come along or just get in touch (Ricardo, Jay - this applies to you too.)

Hey Robin~

Keep opening the door and you'll end up with relationships with people you like and can share time with. It is harder in another language to make connections with depth, and expats can be, not all of course, but a little hesitant to get close because they know likely it is a relationship that wont last.

We have 30+ people coming to our house for a book swap next month. It would be a great, low-pressure place to meet some other people, like Riccardo said, maybe some shared interests would help.

Hey Robin - I am very new to BA and usually have no problem meeting people easily but it has definitely been more difficult here. Hoping it will be better as my spanish improves. If you ever want to get a drink or see some of the city let me know. I am a female (as you can probably tell by the username) in my early for six months to learn spanish.
The hardest by far for me is making expat friends that always (up until now at least) leave. It's not that I expect them to stay, but I've been here over 2 years and have been through a lot of enriching yet temporary friendships. And each time I lose an expat friend, it's harder for to put myself out there de vuelta. It's something that I'm used to by now, but I feel you and want you to know that I've created some excellent relationships through this website and hope you are able to as well.
hi all. i'm a 27 yr old guy from the netherlands. english is not my native language ofcourse but it's a good second. i got to BA 10 days ago or something and am definitely up to meeting some people. currently i study spanish and i will stay for at least 3/4 months and possibly a lot longer. if you guys decide to meet up i would like to come.
Hello everyone, i arrived two weeks ago,and i am going to study here in town, i am 24 year female, and my native lenguage is spanish, but i would love to hang out with you guys, and have a good chat. In this particular moment i feel lonely because my roomate, a guy from Costa Rica found a better place and he told me so today, so i am a little disapointed, but hey, happy face to bad times. let me know when you guys come to san telmo, i am living here, at least at the moment. I am always open to new people!