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    Considering A 2 Year Move...some Questions.

    Hi I would recommend Recoleta as it is very safe and has lots of parks for your kids. Perhaps I am biased because my kid grew up in Recoleta while we lived in Buenos Aires. We are now back in Canada and are renting our 3 bedroom apartment both for short and long term. Here is the link...
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    Looking To Rent Furnished 3 Bdrm/2.5 Bath Recoleta Apart

    Hi I am looking to rent my 3 bedroom apartment in Recoleta for short or long term stays. Will accept peso if it is paid through Paypal or any of rental portals such as ArBnB or VRBO as long as the fees are paid on the renter side. You can view photos and description...
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    opening bank account for "residento transitario"

    Hi, We just purchased an apartment in Bs.As. with a view to use it while on vacation and rent it other times. We naturally assumed as a property owner in Argentina we could open a bank account to deposit rent and pay for our expenses associated with our apartment. Much to our surprise, we have...