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    Pilates Reformer class

    Anyone looking for a fantastic Pilates Reformer class? I found the most amazing Pilates reformer class and would like to recommend it to the BA expats community. In addition to holding his certification to teach Pilates, the instructor at Ghesai Pilates, Sergio Diaz, is a certified physical...
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    Meet up for a drink??

    I arrived in BA 10 days ago and would love to meet you guys on friday. My name is Sabine. I am French but live in New York. I am interested in hearing about Bariloche. My e-mail:
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    Good places to live?

    Hi Garrett, I live in Retiro (at the corner of Plaza San Martin) in a huge apartment with 6 bedrooms. Only two bedrooms are occupied (myself and a woman from the US). The apartment is great and the location perfect. If you are interested I could put you in touch with the landlady. There is a...
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    Room available in Quality house Palermo Soho

    Hi, Is there ac in your apartment? I am looking for a room to rent from January 15, but it must have AC. Do you have pictures? Sabine