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    depilación definitivo/laser hair removal

    I just went and got a few quotes. A place in Ricoletta said it would be 150 pesos for underarms, 200 pesos for bikini area, and 850 pesos for both legs- top to bottom. This is per session and would take 4-10 sessions- they would not know until they started. There was also a 20% discount right...
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    Hair Salon

    I had a recommendation to go to Javier Luna. He has done hair in the US for models and is supposed to be great. My boyfriend speaks Spanish- so he made the appointment. He told them that I needed full highlights and a cut. He asked how much it would cost me- and they told him it would be around...
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    Anyone know someone flying from the US to here soon?

    Hi, Still looking for a person who is flying here in the near future. Need a few small items (nike plus, white noise machine, and vitamins) brought back here. Would really appreciate the help- have had major problems with mail here and do not want to go through it again! Will pay the fee...
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    sales/businees development position

    We just had fed ex come and deliver a note- saying our package was being help at the airport- EZE- it was not an easy trip and consumed most of my day. As for the mail- I have heard from several people that they open the boxes and look through them- and then take what they want. I am hesitant to...
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    sales/businees development position

    Hi, I had a few things that were going to be sent to me from the US. I have been warned by several people that things coming via USPS are often stolen. I was wondering if someone would be willing to bring the box to me by packing it in their suitcase. It is small and light. I also have...
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    sales/businees development position

    Hi, I recently moved to Argentina and am looking for a sales position. My background is in software sales to small businesses and hospitals. Please let me know where to send my resume if this position is still available. Best Regards, Sheila Besse 15-3254-5366