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    Food Review for Sugar and Spice - Locked???

    Dear Grazie, I just sent you a private message regarding this topic. The thread is once again locked after one of my replies has been deleted. I did not think to do this at the time, but I did take a screen shot of my private message to you. In case you don´t see it I just wanted to clarify...
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    Food Review of Sugar and Spice cookie and brownie

    Grazie, One more thing. I have no idea why the original post was removed that you mentioned at the beginning of this thread. Those comments you should direct towards the people who run this site. I have nothing to do with this. Regards,
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    Food Review of Sugar and Spice cookie and brownie

    To Grazie and everyone else reading this thread I would like to clarify some things. First of all, Grazie had a review which she was in all her right to post. I was just saying that I have no way of being able to remedy her situation or experience through this site. I do get feedback from...
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    Food Review of Sugar and Spice cookie and brownie

    Hi Harpo, I agree that people can write their criticisms in public. I just think that it is unfair if they do so and do not take any steps to communicate their displeasure to that company. Was there an isolated problem or was their a trend of problems? I am skeptical of people who complain...
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    Food Review of Sugar and Spice cookie and brownie

    Dear all, I also wanted to address the comments regarding prices. We are first and foremost a manufacturing company that serves many different businesses from mom & pops to multinational companies. We are not a major multinational company ourselves and therefore do not have the weight to...
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    Food Review of Sugar and Spice cookie and brownie

    Dear all, I have not checked this site in a while and for that I apologize. Thankfully, a friend has alerted me to this thread. We are still a small family run company that has a production facility that still cuts chocolate by hand for example. We did not fill our space with machines that are...
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    English Lit. Workshop for Kids

    For any of you with kids out there there is a wonderful class given by two American school teachers who live here in Buenos Aries. I am going to cut and paste their flier below. My daughter goes to these classes and she just loves them. I can't say enough wonderful things about them: Hello, We...
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    Interested in volunteer work

    I know of a non-profit that is always looking for volunteers and if you are bilingual or a native English speaker that is a plus. In Argentina Reading is Fundamental exists here as Fundacion Leer. You can go to their website and check it out You would be helping a great cause...
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    American food brands

    Welcome to Argentina. I am from Chicago myself and although my company is not an American Brand we do make home made Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies and Biscotti and more. If you are interested you can go to our website and contact me. At least you have an option in...