English Lit. Workshop for Kids


Aug 17, 2006
For any of you with kids out there there is a wonderful class given by two American school teachers who live here in Buenos Aries. I am going to cut and paste their flier below. My daughter goes to these classes and she just loves them. I can't say enough wonderful things about them:

We are beginning our workshops again as of next Wednesday. Let us know if you"re interested or have any questions.
Beth and Megan
English Literature Workshop
A fun, creative, inviting, and active workshop where kids explore rich children’s literature…all in English!

In each class we animatedly read aloud one award winning or well-loved children’s picture book, followed by dynamic and engaging activities that further explore the literature.

Activities include:
º Reader’s theater to inspire children to connect with the story
using masks, puppets, props, and costumes.
º Student-made mini books that go along with the story and
strengthen vocabulary, word recognition, and the children’s
view of themselves as authors.
º Songs, movement, poems, and chants to support reading
º Art projects that reinforce story elements.
º Writing and publishing projects.

Beginning August 16th, workshops will be held for 4 to 9 year olds on Wednesdays from 5-6pm in Beth's home in Palermo.

For more information or to reserve a space for your child, please contact us.

Beth: 4774-7492, [email protected]
Megan: [email protected]