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    ingredients for mexican food

    Hey... theres a supermarket in China town where they have the "La Costeña" products.. those are Legit Mexican ingredients. They have "frijol refrito", jalapeños, mole verde, mole poblano, and much more. its in mendoza, almost libertador. and then if u want chiles... well u should do what i do...
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    Just Graduated and decided to return!

    hi! im a porteño, just for u to know :P A nice job that a couple of americans friends had was at english institutes, the ones that work with companies. For example, where i work, the advanced levels have native teachers. I guess they are always looking for teachers since most of them are not...
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    Banking Questions

    Hey there, im from Buenos Aires and i work in Banelco as a programmer, so i'll try to explain you how things work here. There's a limit for international withdrawals, usually up to 500 pesos, but i can check that for you next week. Besides the limit theres a little "trick" to withdraw more...
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    Reasonable salary for sr IT in Cap Fed

    Hey! im an Argentinian C++ / Java developer.. im currently working for a Banking/Financial company .. i've been working for 3 years, im making ARS 4600 gross, which is 4000 in hand. You can get higher salaries, but it depends on your skills, php, asp, stuff like that doesnt pay that much, on...
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    Banelco now charging 11 pesos - Any experience with HSBC?

    Hi i was taking alook at the msgs and i found this one particulary interesting since i work at Banelco and i've been working in this very same project. The whole thing is the result of a contract between banelco and the US network PULSE so every PULSE customer is being charged the new extra fee...