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    Package to Mendoza

    Thank you both for your input. Now it is a hard choose between only 2 companies :=) Again. Thanks. T/
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    Importing art and/or medication into Argentina

    Has anyone imported via mail or fedex art work or medications from the US? Did it make it? Any duty on art or meds? thanks T/
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    Package to Mendoza

    I have to get a package from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Any suggestions on the best way to do this. It about a .5 meter cube (a little less) and fragile. Thanks, T/
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    Quality Argentine Products

    Wow 10 to 12 years old for $10,000 and who knows what kind of life. As I said before we bought a new Fiat Moby Way for under $7000 US, all fees and taxes included, 3 year warranty, this car is made in Argentina. We paid cash. N
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    Quality Argentine Products

    We just bought a Fiat Mobi Way for under $7000 Us including all the taxes N
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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    I know our bank has the worst rep, but, it does except Western Union and we have autopay for all our bills. Banco de la Nacion.
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    Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard

    That's the store on Darwin
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    Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard

    Maille, country style or regular. Nice French mustard, I get it at the store on Darwin.
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    Western Union money transfer

    Would you be willing to write up a step by step (including details) tutorial on a bitcoin transfer? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate it. T/
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    here come larger peso notes

    It seems to me that even though the dollar is soaring, because of the unemployment and lack of any buying power, normal prices haven't been going up. ie Inflation is slower than in sometime. Good for us living on the dollar but horrible for the Argentine people. T/
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    Antibody test?

    Is there any testing, antibody or disease, going on in Buenos Aires ?
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    Western Union money transfer

    Trouble in paradise :=( I was able to send money twice from my Schwab Debit Card to my Argentina bank account successfully. Each time they sent me a form to fill out that they said I only have to fill out once or I would be stopped after 2 transfers. I've filled it out 4 times now. And the bad...
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    As of April 8, flu vaccination in CABA available to seniors over age 65

    Someone please post a link to the website where I can find updated dates and locations for flu shots for over 65 (not PAMI)
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    Western Union money transfer

    Does anyone know about a 15,000 and 120,000 peso limit on transfers ( see below)
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    delivery food recommendations

    PickUpTheFork was last updated on March 18 and that was long ago. Lots have changed.