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    Things for Sale

    Not sure who you're asking, but I'm right across the street from Park Las Heras.
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    Things for Sale

    I'm also leaving soon and have a couple of things for sale if anyone is interested. Feel free to PM me for specifications: -late 2007 20" iMac: $1000usd -Texas electric guitar w/amp: $140usd
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    English Speaking Doctor

    GREAT info! Anyone else know of costs?
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    English Speaking Doctor

    Anyone have any suggestions as to were to find an English speaking doctor? I'm perfectly healthy but need to have a simple physical exam for a job. I live in Barrio Norte and am also a student so the less pesos I have to spend the better. :) Thanks in advance everyone!
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    Looking for teaching work

    I wouldn't expect you to manage to be able to support yourself with just teaching. A lot of people come here thinking that they can but it ends up being extremely hard with a lot of traveling around the city.
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    20" Imac on the plane

    I brought my 20'' inch iMac to Argentina back in December. I did not put it in the original box because it was my carry on (don't trust it being out of my sight). I found a bag at Ross for like $20, it's a bag used for carrying suits and used foam for extra protection. The iMac is the exact size...
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    Expats and Alcohol

    Same goes for me. I have been drinking more in Argentina because I do not drive here and wine is stupid cheap. In the hot afternoons I like to pretend I am a Porteno and drink Fernet from my balcony while shouting 'Hola Linda!' and all the cute portenas.
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    Argentine Residency and Citizenship

    I'm pretty sure you have to have a residency visa for 2 years before you can even apply for the DNI. After that it can take up to a year to finish all the paperwork and processing. Easiest way to obtain a DNI.....get married to an Argentine.
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    Any football (soccer) players here?

    I'd be down for a game too! 22 and from the states.
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    Argentine bank account - without DNI

    Couldn't open an account with HSBC? Odd. I didn't have any of the utility bills in my name either. I guess it's who you talk to. I went to the HSBC bank on Santa Fe. Not only that, but the man also gave me advice on how to transfer money. I can do it from my bank in the US, have it be less than...
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    Argentine bank account - without DNI

    Ok, so I finally finished the process and the only thing I have to do now is go to the bank and open an account. Here's what I did: First started at Anses, they gave me the necessary paperwork and told me to head to AFIP. AFIP gave me another paper and told me to go to my local police...
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    Online Ordering in BA

    Definitely make sure you bring your most valuable electronics with you. If you are flying in on a tourist visa Aduana will ask you a few questions but all you need to tell them is that you are going to take it back with you when (or if) you leave. That's how I was able to bring my $2000 iMac...
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    Attention Expats: Peanut Butter Alert!

    So today a trekked in the rain all the way down Santa Fe and found the store. They do in fact have peanut butter, but not necessarily the kind posted by the OP. What they have is Peter Pan and Planters peanut butter and BOTH are crunchy. So if you are a fan of creamy, don't bother going. :-(
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    Picnic Sunday December 27

    Good tip! Will also repel Vampires and Women.
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    Attention Expats: Peanut Butter Alert!

    Actually, those small coffee grinders work pefectly! You can order one from the states for about U$D20 and have it shipped and not have to pay any taxes to Argentina.