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    food in Houston

    Whats with the Houston/ Texas bashing? I am a Houstonian and yes we have a ton of restaurants good and bad just like in BA. Next time your husband goes to Houston send me an email and I can point him in the right direction depending on where he is staying. And I hope that we Texans are nicer...
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    Would love to make some new friends

    8:30 works for me but I just looked up Bakano and there are 2 locations listed in Palermo for it. Which one are we meeting at?
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hello ladies, I would like to through my name is the mix too. It would be nice to meet some people that are here. I am here for a undetermined amount of time (I have no tix home). Let me know if when you all are meeting up. I am a 27 yr. old Texan! Looking forward to meeting you all!
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    Sausage other than Chorizo for Gumbo?

    Thanks everyone!
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    Sausage other than Chorizo for Gumbo?

    I am thinking about making a pot of gumbo for New Years day its sort of a family tradition. No worries I brought all the seasonings I need with me. If anyone can point me in the direction of non-chorizo sausage it would be great. And I will invite you over to have some if the sausage works out!
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    Expat meet up today!

    Same here I hope its not too late! If so EliA we can start a new table? See you all tonight!
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    Looking to meet up with some other young expats in Bs As

    Hey Kt I have been here this time for about 2 months I am always looking to meet new people. Send me an PM
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    Thanks Napoleon and sorry to hear that!
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    It's about that time for me to sail across the waters for a stamp! If anyone is interested in going with me I am planning a trip for the weekend before Christmas. I have not decided if I am going to make it a day trip or a weekend with a trip to Montevideo. Suggestions welcomed! PM me if you are...
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    drum lessons

    I take percussion lessons from a guy named Pablo he is pretty good but he dosen't speak english and I don't speak spanish but we seem to make it work. You could email him at tell him that Chevon gave you his email. Good luck!
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    Non-Tango Dance Classes - Hip Hop Dance

    Do you remeber the name of the school in Almagro or the cross streets? I am interested in getting more information. Thanks
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    Meet up to go to a Futbol game?

    Please keep me posted on when you all plan to go to a game I would be interested!!
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    Vacation Suggestions??

    I have been in BA one month thus far I have been followed, videoed, was with a friend when her camera was stolen, I’ve seen a person robbed at gun point, I "dropped" out of a spanish class, and I am living in a room that could fit into my bathroom back in the states. Things are definitely...
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    Blacks in BA ?

    I am a black female from Texas that is now living in BA I have had many conversations with Argentinos about Blacks. They tend to have a lot of questions and random comments I have heard everything from how do you wash your hair (I have locks) to could you talk like a black person because you...
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    Expat burger party this Sunday - 10/25

    Hi! Count me in I will be an old face that just returned! I was visiting back in May or June when you had a burger bash but I just returned and I am now living here!! See everyone Sunday