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    Western Union money transfer

    Attention to those with bank accounts NOT based in the United States who currently still have to pay a transaction fee: I have 4 individualized free promotional codes from Western Union that I am not going to use that will expire at the end of June. Here's the background story in a nutshell...
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    Where can I get root beer?

    Hey, BostonBucket! I have some A&W Rootbeer flavored drink mix sticks that I brought from my last trip from the US. I mix them with soda water (agua con gas) and it's... close enough ;) I have several. If you'd like, I'd be fine gifting you some for free (all I ask is that you just pay it...
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    Western Union money transfer

    Hear, hear!
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    How is it going?

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    Shortages and disappearing goods

    Seemingly from one week to the next, I cannot find packets of ready-made spaghetti sauce (ie - Knorr salsa filetto lista). At one point, there were a few, but only the pizza sauce flavor. Now the closest thing that I have found are boxes of puré de tomate (as in, you will have to add your own...
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    Full-Time Employment Ad I Found - Job Opportunity for Someone?

    Hi, everyone! I often visit a web page for job opportunities for individuals who have disabilities/disadvantages (physical, psychological, complicated family situations, etc.) that might otherwise impede their likelihood of employment (website is: I just saw this post for a...
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    How is the Argentinian economy not even in worse shape?

    I strongly agree, particularly with your use of the verb "drown." It's taken me awhile, but I've finally figured out that what defines success and "wealth" is not always financial/material and cannot be quantified, nor should it be. Not to sound too pie-in-the-sky / Pollyannaesque /...
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    Western Union money transfer

    Oh, I didn’t realize that there are cuevas that are open! May I ask around which area(s) you know of? I don’t have any contact information for the cuevas in my barrio of Núñez, so I never bothered to venture out. Thanks in advance!
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    Fernández will extend the quarantine another two weeks?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it is extended again, though perhaps with some additional conditions... For now, like most everyone else, all I can really do is speculate and observe what I have witnessed thus far... A few days ago, when waiting to pay in a supermarket, I overheard two men...
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    Western Union money transfer

    I had recently (successfully) completed a transaction from my US bank account to my Argentine one. I believe that I remember having read that the maximum amount per month per recipient is AR$239,000. I am also quite certain that I had read that a recipient is permitted a maximum of 3...
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    Thank you, Pensador, for your thoughtful reply. You mentioned some very helpful ideas, which I plan on reading up on soon... but just not today :( Today has been a difficult day of sorts for me to deal with, especially as it seems that a nationwide quarantine is imminent. I plan on viewing the...
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    Guys - I am growing exponentially concerned regarding the constant update, numbers, and restrictions regarding the current situation in Argentina. I completely understand the need, BUT I am supposed to give birth (via a sched C-section) in about 5-1/2 weeks. I know that excessive worrying is...
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    Abortion to become legal.....

    One would think that after 10+ years on this forum, I would have learned my lesson that posting here (especially on such a controversial topic) is not conducive to one's mental health, but this thread has been swimming around in my head, and I have to put in my two cents here. Hear me out: I am...
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    Western Union money transfer

    Also keep in mind that Monday, January 20 is a federal holiday in the States (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), so if your transfer is even further delayed into next week, don’t worry extra.