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    A major violation of human rights for those 70+

    Why are they doing this? The quarantine purpose was to level out the curve so the heath system would not be overwhelmed. It appears to be helping. Also, it is stated that the people dying have conditions like obesity and diabetes and other medical conditions in addition to the virus. If...
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    Obtaining Prescribed Anti-depressants

    If all else fails, find an English speaking psychiatrist in Buenos Aires to write a prescription for you.
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    Megatlon - Updated Prices?

    FYI-- yesterday-2019- I just renewed my gym membership and paid 18,336.00 for a Classic Plus for one year at Megatlon. It is a lot-- but for me it is well worth it---great trainer, location and used credit card to pay for it.
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    New Medicare cards

    Thanks for information. Very helpful.
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    New Medicare cards

    It is not good for here but I go back every year. This year I will visit the regular doctor, a physical therapist, an eye doctor and I will be able to go to the YMCA gym for free while I am there. But I need my new card this year so I have my new card number information to give when required...
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    New Medicare cards

    Have all of you eligible people received your new medicare card here in Buenos Aires? I changed my address from the USA earlier this year but only received the verification that my address had changed at my address here. Thanks
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    Xoom Money Transfer

    From XOOM are you receiving US dollars on this end? Is it deposited in your account or do you go pick it up? Thanks--
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    Dollar Up

    Also, does the way Macri is keeping the dollar low differ from the way Cristina was keeping the dollar low? If so, why is it ok now? Thanks.
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    Cristina's New Party... Frente Unidad Ciudadana Kirchnerista

    Enlightening or entertaining? The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins
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    Coffee Chat, Tuesday May 9, 5:30-6:30 Pm (Alto Palermo)

    So---- I decided to give the coffee chat a try. I went to Starbucks, bought a coffee, went outside and tried to find a sign? or people speaking English? I sat down by a lady reading a book --- thinking she was the only possibility --but she moved and went to a different table. Hmmmmm--
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    Strange Thing I Saw Today On Autopista? Why Here?

    Is the US opening a base here? Why would the President and vice president of the US and other higher ups come here lately, in person? They want something. Or want to protect something in the future?
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    I just paid 6390 pesos for 6 months at Megatlon Barrio Norte last week but it is big and bright and I could pay with my credit card. I wonder why all the locals go there?? There are so many choices open to them.
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    Brazil In June

    If you are into a bit of "off the beaten road" travel this place and want to just relax --- this place is perfect --- Plus-- you can say you have gone east as far as you can in South America ----
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    Starting Dni Process For Retired Person While In Usa

    Steve thank you--- So if I just wait and meet with the friendly interpreter when I get there, I can accomplish all I need to do--I don't have to be in the US to get the FBI report? I just hope they let me in for one last time and I can become legal before they shut the door.
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    Starting Dni Process For Retired Person While In Usa

    I am currently in the USA. When I left in December the Immigration guy was questioning my going and coming and I think he said I might have trouble getting back in the next time--- that was my take on it. My Spanish is not that good. So I would like to do the DNI thing this year and wondered...