1 Bedroom Apartment in palermo for rent!


Jun 22, 2005
Looking for a place to live? Excellent price. Furnished one bedroom apartment, internet, hardware floors, utilites included..near Zoo,subte, everything. Pay and talk directly with the landlord, no realtor fee or obligation to pay loads up front..pay just the mothly rent. The Apartment is available beginning of September. AS of now..for one month..may have someone for October. If interested please respond ASAP.EXCELLENT landlord, she is very reasonable, helpful and honest.
350 US a month! Big place for this price..and what is included! Interested?
1000 pesos? This is very expensive even for a nice, furnished TWO bedroom apartment.
$350 USD is NOT expensive. This is a short term rental. Short term rentals are priced in dollars and have nothing to do with two year leases for local residents. To rent an apartment in Argentina you have to have a guarantor, someone willing to sign the lease making him/her legally responsible for the property if you do not pay. It's only logical that short term rentals are going to be a lot more expensive than the monthly rent of an apartment priced in pesos for a two year lease. Studios in BA are renting for over $350 a month so this apt (not mine, by tthe way) if it is nice is well worth the price, mif not a good deal more. A friend is coming here from the US and is paying $1,000 USD for a 70 meter flat in Palermo.
$350 is an excellent deal. I am paying $445 for a tiny and very basic studio in Recoletta. It sucks but prices did go up indeed