2 bed/ 2 bathroom for rent in Palermo Hollywood


It’s in Guatemala cross street Carranza .
I live in the Uk now, so there is no maximum length . It can be a 6 month contracts - renewable ... Where you looking for longer or shorter ?


It’s in the 6th floor ( contrafrente) .
Yes it’s furnished and equipped ( washing machine , microwave etc...)
There is no maximum really as I am living abroad.
It could be for 6 months renewable ... or would you want a 1 year/ 2 year contract -?


The other problem is that to cook you probably have to use the toilet or the bedroom. Because there is no kitchen there should be a big discount on this apartment.
I am offering 33% offer to anyone posting a house on sale. so if they say, 100,000 usa. I normally offer 33,000 usa..I guess sooner or later someone would relent.
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