2 friends looking for a host family!


We are Laurie and Danielle from The Netherlands and we recently decided that in our summer vacation (July/August 2008) we'd love to go to Buenos Aires and maybe do some volunteer work. We'd like to stay at a host family so we can really get to know the Argentine culture. We are thinking of staying about 6-8 weeks, depending on our budget. We prefer staying together at the same family but it wouldn't be a big problem either if we'd have to stay at different families. Since our journey is still far away we might be able to get to know each other first, maybe by email or msn?
We have searched on the internet for host families, but it all looks very expensive because of private bathrooms and stuff. We wouldn't mind sharing a room and bathroom or helping around in the house.

If anyone has some tips about where to find a good host family or what regular rent prices are we'd be most greatful if you'd drop us a line.
Laurie & Danielle