2 Month Stay. Arriving this weekend.


Hey Jordan,

if you're looking for a place to take Spanish classes I can recommend my school: LV Studio. It's pretty close to where you're staying (Darregueyra and Guemes). www.lvstudioweb.com or send an email to info@lvstudioweb.com for more information.

Personally, I like Palermo, and the specific area you're in. How are you finding it? I live in the Once /Abasto area and it's also pretty noisy. I think it's hard to get away from the noise in a city that truly never sleeps!

Best of luck,



Thanks for all the responses! The information will be very useful. I havent had a lot of time to take advantage of information provided because I have been working so much since arriving.

The building I am in is very quiet so noise isnt a problem. I am on the 16th floor so no problems with noise up here. Not really any different than the neighborhoods I've lived in Chicago.

Ive been enjoying this particular part of Palermo. Ive been all over the place - sometimes I know where I am going, and sometimes I dont. The first few days were very educational but I think Ive finally found my bearings.

I havent had a chance to make it to a gym though I think I am going to Well Club tonight. It is a 15 minute walk from my place (thank you google maps). I hope they will allow me to try the gym once before deciding if I want to join. If not, not a deal breaker - sounds like most BAExpat.org'ers recommend that gym.

I also just read about Spanglish which sounds like fun. My spanish needs some help - mostly getting in tune with the pace at witch Porteno's speak. The ll's and y' still throw me off when I hear them spoken as I was taught central american spanish throughout high school and college.

Sometimes I feel bad for spending time doing the things I regularly do in the US, but Football must be watched. Sounds like Ill be catching the Badger/Packer games at the Alamo bar.

Spanglish also sounds like fun so I think I am going to attend at least one of those events.

Wow, the amount of information shared here is excellent! Ive learned so much about the city so far. My Argentinian co-workers have also been an invaluable resource and have been very inclusive in work/post work events. I am enjoying BsAs so far.

Thanks again for all the suggestions/recommendations. I am hoping to attend a baexpats.org event sometime soon.

Take care everyone!